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Movie review: Bullet to the Head is good '80s era action flick

Unknown-1It's always fun to see what Sylvester Stallone will look like next. He is 66, but thanks to what appears to be a Lance Armstrong-load of PEDs, HGH and Deer Antler spray, not to mention a few tucks here and there, he now looks closer to Raquel Welch.
Doesn't bother me. I'm all in.

Sly is at it again in the action genre, this time with the new movie "Bullet to the Head" which should be in theaters at least through the weekend. The movie is what Sly does at his best - beat people up, and shoot them in a straight, monosyllabic tone. This movie is an 1980's era action movie, only with modern guns and better plastic surgery.

The story: Uhh ... do you really care? If you insist - Sly plays a veteran hit man living in New Orleans who at the beginning of the movie "does a guy" with his partner. Only the job goes south when the people who are paying for the job want these two gone, too. 
The partner is killed, and the only mistake the maniac-mercenary made is that he left Stallone alive. 
Turns out the money behind this job is dirty, and this leads to dirty lawyers, dirty cops, dirty politicians.
The Feds send Taylor Kwan (Sung King) down to investigate, and in the process he forms an unlikely alliance with a Stallone.
At first, they don't much care for each other. But, you're not going to believe this, eventually they get along.

Action scenes: The movie is directed by veteran action film director Walter Hill. Unlike some of Hill's '80s action flicks (48 Hours, Red Heat) the violence does not include people being blown away by 30 feet when they are shot. And a lot of people get got in this movie.
Most of this is standard shoot 'em up stuff, but the finale features Sly vs. the Really Big Bad Guy (Jason Momoa) using axes. 

Sarah-shahi-56903082Eye candy: Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and native of Euless, Texas, Sarah Shahi plays Sly's daughter. She is a tatoo artist in the movie, and she has a good heart who is in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Also of note, the movie was shot in New Orleans which serves as a fun background to the movie. 

Is it dumb?: What do you think? You aren't going to see Les Mis'. Bullet to the Head is a fun, hard action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Should you see it: Matinee price.  



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child of the 80's

Simply amazing. Just when I thought Hollywood ran out of ideas, they brought Stallone back, gave him a gun, and somehow got him to take his shirt off.

I didn't think they could remake Cobra, Nighthawks, Tango & Cash, Demolition Man, Raw Deal, Commando, The Specialist, Assasins, Copland, Get Carter and Eye See You.

Who knew Stallone had the kind of range to play a character that's part good guy, part bad guy. Wow.

I love Stallone and 'Bullet to the Head' does not disappoint. If guns, fights, car chases, and steroids don't do it for you then you are not alive.

Go see this. It's a must see. Stallone is at his best.

stallone #1 fan

loved it. crazy that stallone is still doing it at his age. simply amazing.

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