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Predicting the Oscar winners - all of 'em

Oscars-seth-macfarlane_510x411On September 5, 2012, I predicted the Atlanta Falcons would play Baltimore Ravens in the Super and that Baltimore would win. YES!!!!!! 

Taking that success The Big Mac Blog is attacking the 2013 Academy Awards, which airs on Sunday evening. It should be noted that I didn't see all of the nominated films, and am approaching this like the ACT test - it's always better to guess than to leave an question blank.

Silver Linings Playbook. Just depressing enough to win an Oscar.
Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln. Rumor he wanted to be shot at close range as part of research.
Anne-Hathaway-anne-hathaway-548747_1137_1600Actress: Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty. We love strong women. 
Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin, Argo. He was great.
Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables. The Academy loves people who starve themselves.
Animated Feature Film: Brave. We love strong girls, too.
Cinematography: Life if Pi. Slam dunk.
Costume Design: Les Miserables. Just incredible.
Director: David O'Russell, Silver Linings Playbook. Just remarkable what he did to make both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence look hot, and lonely at the same time.
Documentary: The Gatekeepers. Just wow. Imagine if I had seen it.
Documentary Short: Kings Point. Breathtaking. 
Film Editing: Zero Dark Thirty, but it should be Argo.
Foreign Language Film: No, Chile. The title sounds depressing.
Makeup & Hairstyling: The Hobbit. Because it's Peter Jackson.
Music: Lincoln, John Williams. Give it to him for Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Song: Skyfall. It's Adele. She kills.
Production Design: Life of Pi. A Tiger on a raft with a kid? Sounds remarkable.
Short Film Animated: Fresh Guacamole. Didn't see it, but who doesn't like fresh guac'? 
Short Film Live Action: Curfew. Ohhh ... sounds ominous. 
Sound Editing: Skyfall. Per Hallberg & Karen Baker Landers do not get the credit they deserve.
Sound Mixing: (my favorite category) Argo. It made the movie. 
Visual Effects: Life of Pi. What Guillaume Rocheron did set a new standard.
Writing Adapted Screenplay: Argo. Seriously. Great story from an incredible story.
Writing Original Screenplay: Zero Dark Thirty. Wait ... this wasn't based on an actual event?

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