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QB once ranked ahead of Cam Newton can't get an NFL gig so he went to France to play

Nfl_bnewton1_610A call to all NFL teams - give Tirrell Rennie a shot. His credentials? He was once ranked ahead of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

In 2009, Newton was named honorable mention to the National Junior College All American team while at Blinn College. First team was Randall Mackey out of East Mississippi CC.  Second team was Rennie out of Ellsworth CC.

Click here to see the 2009 NJCAA All-American team.

In 2010, Newton was a first-team NCAA Division I All American.
In 2011, he was the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft and became the rookie of the year.

What happened to Mackey and Rennie? Mackey went to Ole Miss where he was moved positions and played two years. Rennie went to Northern Iowa where he played quarterback.

During Rennie's time in junior college he was actually recruited by the Oklahoma Sooners, only he didn't believe it. He had to ask the coach more than once if this recruiting call was a gag.

Tirrell_Rennie"They said, 'We're looking at you and Cam Newton," Rennie said in a phone interview last week. "That's when I looked at the (junior college statistics) and I was beating (Newton) in all of them. I thought, 'I should be OK.' I didn't know he was this 6-foot-6, 250-pound giant."

Rennie was never invited to the NFL combine; the day before his pro day at Northern Iowa he suffered a pulled hamstring, thus killing his shot to show off. He only scored a small look from the Miami Dolphins. Not wanting to quit on playing football professionally, Rennie went to ... France. Seriously. They play football in France. Kind of.

"It's like NAIA, maybe," Rennie said. "It's more like a hobby or a recreation over there. On a good day there were three o-linemen who showed up to practice. That's a good day. Then one time my 45-year-old coach, who is about 195 pounds, lined up as my left guard. You can imagine the thoughts going through my mind as far as protection. Thank God they weren't tackling."

During one scrimmage Rennie left the pocket to run, only his head coach wasn't too happy about it. The head coach didn't want the opponents to know that Rennie could move.

Rennie stayed with his team for about three to four months before he returned to his home in Florida. Now he is hoping to perhaps receive an invite for a look by an NFL, or CFL team. If he can stick with it, the USFL is getting ready to return, this time as a minor leagues that plays in the spring.

The problem for Rennie is that he is only 6-feet-tall, and teams aren't likely to spend a lot of time to develop him as a receiver.

"I think a lot of people thought I didn't want to play after college - I do," he said. "I went too far and did too much not to try."

Hope he gets that call.

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