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Robert Jeffress wins with Tim Tebow absence

1stbaptist-2DALLAS, Texas - The first 10 minutes of Dr. Robert Jeffress' sermon at the 10:50 a.m. service at the First Baptist Church in Dallas was dedicated to the week's events. While he never actually said Tim Tebow's name, there was simply no need to say "New York Jets" or anything of the like.

There was not a soul inside this packed, 150-year-old church, or the adjacent sanctuary, who was unaware of what Jeffress was referring to when spoke of Tebow's recent decision to cancel his scheduled appearance at the mega-church late next month.

"It's not about me," Jeffress told the congregation.

Well, yes it is. For a larger piece, I attended Sunday's service to see what this was all about. What I found was just another church, not unlike any other, if only a little bigger. Lots of nice people trying to do the right thing. The guy who played the sax' was great. The sermon was a "Money Sunday" service that every church has to have when it needs some coin.

What separates this church right now is that its leader was savvy enough to schedule Tebow, and then smart enough to cash in when the latter checked out. There are hundreds of thousands who now know who Dr. Robert Jeffress and his church are as a result of this story, and he can easily spin negative media fallout to his congregation, which he did.

"I never realized I was such a bad person," Jeffress said of the massive media attention he has received over the past two weeks. "I'm thinking of getting a part-time job as a sports commentator."

JeffressheadebHe did take Tebow to task for what is an obvious a bow to public pressure to stay away from a man who has made inflammatory statements about Catholics, gays, President Barack Obama, etc. Whatever you think of Jeffress, he is not changing his rhetoric.

He took a direct shot when he said he wants people "willing to stand up and act like men rather than (cower) when it gets controversial. (He is) not going to kneel at the altar of political correctness."

When Jeffress was finished speaking about the week's events he received a standing ovation from the congregation.

"Don't do that to me," he told the audience.

After the service, I waited in line to introduce myself to Jeffress. He was pleasant, professional and because of the past two weeks I know who he is, and attended his church.

In the end, it seems to be that both Jeffress and Tebow acted in their own best interest.

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It took more than 30 years for Cardinal Keith O'Brien to be outed, but his day finally came. One wonders if it will take that long for Jeffress.


it's always something with Tebow. i've rooted for him in the past. this little stunt is kind of a distraction. he better hope he hasn't worn out his welcome in The Show


It's spelled ALTAR, and judging by your blog's content, you might want to just stay with sports reporting, or else become informed on the topic of Christianity. As it is, you display the fervor of all the other secular fundamentalists, making your words above equal in action to what you seem to dislike in Jeffress. You are just like him. You are a man willing to stand for something. But, again--you are just terribly, terribly misinformed.

Jaquie Q

This guy is a joke. He is a PR hound. Give him props for getting his 15 minutes, er 15 seconds of fame, but he is a total joke.


What do you really know about this guy that makes him "a joke?" Everything you know is based upon media headlines. Learn the facts, think for yourselves, and then act. Otherwise you will be persuaded by every ounce of coercion thrown your way. Who knows, you might even start to believe that Obama is actually going to change something or even help the economy... (laughter in the background)


You call this sports journalism? This anti-Christian hit piece needs to be in the "Religion" section...not front page on the sports section. First it was (Bud) Kennedy now Engel. For years Kennedy wrote about where to get the best Sloppy Joe in Fort Worth and suddenly he's a political and religion expert. Now its Engel telling us where not to go to Church.

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