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Robot chimp to call plays for Dallas Cowboys in 2013

NS_11COWSPHILLY69_28274870IRVING, Texas - One day after the assistant to the head coach Jason Garrett danced, fillibustered and dodged every single attempt to nail down who will call plays for the Dallas Cowboys offense in 2013, the next likely candidate to do so deferred.

Offensive assistant coach Bill Callahan said Thursday that it doesn't matter who calls the plays. With that offensive line, he's probably right. Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said Thursday he does not call plays.

Hmmmm ... so if Jason Garrett is not calling the plays, and Bill Callahan isn't calling the plays that next logical choice would be Jerry Jones. He has wanted to for decades, so let's be all in with this circus and slap a headset on Jerry and let him live out the fantasy to the fullest.

Seriously, what is the big deal with Jason Garrett either saying he will or won't be this team's primary play caller? With an offensive line adept at blocking no one, it's not like it really matters whether the play comes from JG, Callahan or Don Coryell.

Dal_a_garrett01jr_576"Red Z-25, Oh, Hell, We're Screwed on three" should play out the same for anybody.

Garrett may be a fine play caller, but a few end-of-game clock issues (ar Arizona in '11; at Baltimore in '12) are an indication he may have too many things on his plate but has too much pride to give it up. JG may still be suffering from the "Smartest Guy in the Room" syndrome.

This lack of transparency, or decision, is a fairly decent indication that the assistant head coach is at odds with the real head coach, who also doubles as this team's owner. Immediately after the season Garrett sounded adamant that he did not want to give up the play-calling responsibilities.

Only in the weeks after the season ended did Garrett admit that he would be open to the possibility. When pressed on the issue on Wednesday by Clarence E. Hill of the Star-Telegram, JG could not have sounded more wishy-washy.

Some garbage about evaluation, delegating responsibilities, a process, blah blah blah. He would not say who, how, or when. 

Ever since Jerry Jones tried to find a coach to replace Barry Switzer he has always wanted a guy to call the plays. The "stand around" coach irked him.

The reality of another playoff-less season forced Jerry to re-consider everything up to but not including himself (funny how that works). 

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Doug Olson

Seriously, you think he may be a fine play caller?

2012 season ticket holder

I can't wait till we suck. I have been a season ticket holder for forever. My daddy was a season ticket holder. But when Mr. Jones decided to sit on his hand after last season I decided to cut my ties to this team. If Jerry isn't about winning now, why should I pay those outrageous ticket prices. I love our Cowboys. My family and I look forward to the games but I want a winner OR I want an owner that wants a winner. Jerry has decided to do nothing and pray we don't lose. I'm not okay with 8 and 8. I'm okay with worse than that if managenet is doing whatever it takes to win. Look at Philly. Andy Reid manned the helm for a long time. When things with south for Andy the organization took a big risk and went after an exciting new coach. I'm not 100% sure it's going to work out but they are trying. I'm sick of this crap. Enough is enough. I'm done. Time to move on.

Kevin Kellum in a Dallas Cowboys World

Your article is funny and accurate. It's time for Jerry Jones to suit up, play quarterback, call the plays, and raise ticket prices. Jerry loves women, making money, and calling the shots. Give the guy what he wants; my bank account, my daughter, and my Cowboys.

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