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Stress is finally having its say on The Walking Dead

Rick_grimes_finale_a_lThe mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday night was most welcomed for those of us tired of looking at Katy Perry during the Grammy's. Which is why a DVR comes in so handy.

SPOILER ALERT - Zombies are running all over the place in Georgia in The Walking Dead, and people's nerves are considerably frayed. None more so than our fearless leader, St. Rick Grimes.

What we are seeing is that beating eaten alive by zombies is the No. 1 killer in a zombie apocalypse, followed closely by stress.

Things in are really not going well in the once quiet utopia where The Governor is ready to let chaos run wild, expect that his girlfriend, Andrea (Laurie Holden), is trying to restore some order. The Governor looks like all of the expectation and responsibility is getting the better of him.

It was fun to watch Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) and his brother Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) finally have it out. Their confrontation suggests some serious family therapy may be in order.

WDGovernorPatchThe biggest development from Sunday night's show is that, finally, someone living in a zombie apocalypse loses their mind. The last person on the cast you would think would fall victim to a case of the crazy is Sgt. Grimes.

Near the end of the show he returns to the prison where he is seriously considering allowing a group of newcomers led by Tyreese (Chad Coleman), to join their merry band of dead ducks. But then Grimes sees a haunting image of his late wife, wearing her wedding gown no less, and which point it's pretty obvious that sanity has vacated the premises.

What will happen to Sgt. Grimes? He gets some sleep, some food, and Tyreese and friends are allowed to join the fun. 
But a war is coming between Grimes and The Governor.


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