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TCU & West Virginia - comparatively speaking in the Big 12

Josh Boyce TCUTCU's first season in the Big 12 Conference has gone just about as good (or bad) as many of the coaches and administrators thought it would when it made this jump. The one sport the people around the school thought could immediately "hang" begins its schedule on Feb. 15, when the baseball team travels to play Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi for a three-game series.

According to, TCU is ranked 14th and Ole Miss is 13th.

Looking at the two athletic deparments and the "major" sports, here is how both TCU and West Virginia's first season in the Big 12 are going, compared against how each school performed in its previous conference last year.

TCU:          '12-'13 Big 12           '11-'12 MWC 
Football:        7-6, 4-5                   11-2, 7-0
M hoops:      10-14, 1-10                18-15, 7-7
W hoops:       7-15, 0-11                16-14, 9-5
Volleyball:    15-14, 4-12               25-7, 9-5
W soccer:      7-10-4, 1-5-2            7-11-1, 1-5 

West Virginia: '12-'13 Big 12      '11-'12 Big East
Football:            7-6, 4-5                 10-3, 5-2 
M hoops:          12-11, 5-5               19-14, 9-9
W hoops:          14-9, 6-6                24-10, 11-5 
W soccer:        11-5-4, 7-0-1          17-5-0, 10-1
M soccer:         9-6-2, 4-2-1           11-8-1, 6-3-0
Volleyball:      8-22, 0-16                 7-19, 5-9

Conclusion - It gets better. Ask Baylor.

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Frog From Houston

I think TCU has had more highs so far this year and they won head-to-head against WVU football. TCU highs: beating UT in Austin on Thanksgiving, beat WVU in Morgantown in double overtime, playing in the women's soccer championship game, beating #5 Kansas in basketball, and our undefeated rifle team. Women's B-ball is a mess. Everyone I know likes coach Mittie. Baseball should be rock solid. Your Baylor point is spot on at the end. It's amazing how well the Bears compete across the board in all sports in the Big XII against these larger state schools and a good goal for TCU to try and meet or beat.

Reality hitting you in the face

Go frogs.

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