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The Cowboys are going to make Tony Romo uncomfortable with an extension

Hi-res-158824197_crop_exactThe news out of Indianapolis, Indiana at the NFL combine should not come as a great surprise - Tony Romo is going to sign a contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys.

Speaking to reporters aboard the Cowboys bus in downtown Indy, Cowboys head coach Jerry Jones told Mr. Clarence E. Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that, "Yes, that would be the most positive result – to extend him, re-sign him, extend him and then have him retire. That means we’ve had some success. And I would like that to happen."

That means you should just plan on Tony Romo being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys for the next four seasons.

Barring injury, Romo should be around at least through the 2016 season. He's only 32. Deal with it.

Giving Romo an extenion one season before he could become a free agent was highly likely because the Cowboys are desperate to create some wiggle room against a salary cap they are currently pressed against.

The other reason it was likely is the team not only likes him, but absolutely hates the alternative of quarterback hell. Jerry is obviously still very scarred from the years after Troy Aikman retired, which one time included Clint Stoerner making a start.

Hi-res-134058714_crop_exactDespite some logical thinking that both sides would be better off waiting, that simply was not going to happen. Romo would be stupid to turn down an extension of large guaranteed dollars, even if leaving may not be such a horrid idea. The Cowboys need the cap space, and the idea of letting Romo walk puts them in a situation that teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and so many others find themselves in.

The Cowboys have decided the devil they know is better than John Skelton or Brandon Weeden.

What this cannot mean is the Cowboys do not seriously consider drafting a quarterback. This 2013 draft class may not be loaded with QB prospects, but just because Romo will be locked in with an extension is no reason to ignore this position. 

The San Francisco 49ers reached the NFC title game with Alex Smith, and the next year they reached the Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick.

The Cowboys think they still have their guy, regardless of the body of evidence in front of their own eyes. The guy can play. He can also make some stunning bonehead plays.

He's not going anywhere, but that can't mean the team thinks they don't need to look for his eventual successor.

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The Cowboys are going to make Tony Romo uncomfortable with an extension

Yep. All the way to the bank.

Bob In Arlington

Jahree can't help himself! He and Stephen can't stop calling Tony a "Great" quarterback. This is like groundhog day; "Jahree comes out of his hole at Valley Ranch, sees his shadow, and the Cowboys get four more years of Tony Romo."

help wanted

Clint Stoerner is/was a darn good quarterback. Er, at least better than Romo. At least with Stoerner you knew what you got. Romo is a total joke. 4 more years of hell in Big D.

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