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The Mavericks may want to re-think this beard thing

Beard_of_the_yearNot that many of you have noticed because the Dallas Mavericks continue to do what they do best - stay under the salary cap - but many of the players have committed to not shaving until they reach .500. So since making the playoffs no longer seems to be realistic, the team's chance to shave is what we track. 

The Mavericks lost at home against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night to drop to seven games under .500; click here for the story.

The team is 22-29. The Mavs have 31 games remaining to reach .500, and to take that Bic to their mug.

Can they do it? 

This is the area on their schedule where they can give it a run - Sacramento, Orlando, New Olreans, Lakers, Milwaukee, Detroit to name a few are coming up 10 or so games.

The way this season has gone, it does appear as if this type of beard will be on Dirk Nowitzki's face soon enough.


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