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This is not why Jason Verrett returned to TCU

512xMultiple sources have confirmed that TCU All-American junior defensive back Jason Verrett recently had surgery to repair a torn meniscus but that is not the reason he decided to return for his senior season.

On his Twitter account, @Jfeeva_2, he recently Tweeted "Everything went well, be back like I never left ....thankn the man n all support #Blessed B.A.M I'm Gucci"

Verrett apparently suffered the injury during TCU's win at Texas on Thanksgiving in 2012; he still played the final two games of the season - against Oklahoma and in the bowl game versus Michigan State.

Players who have had the injury before said it's possible to play on a torn meniscus but that it's not especially fun. The surgery to repair a torn meniscus is considered minor, meaning Verrett should be OK to participate in spring drills.

If Verrett wanted to leave school to enter the NFL draft, he could have had the surgery and potentially been able to participate in the NFL combine later this month. 

Verrett apparently returned to TCU because that's what he wanted to do, which is a major coup for head coach Gary Patterson and a defense that returns nearly all of its major players from 2012.

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Derek Tillemans

Glad to hear it! We need your leadership Jason. I remember the last time we went to AZ and lost a bowl game....we went to the Rose Bowl at 13-0 the next year!!

Lyn K. of Fort Worth

We need Jason. I think he was wise to come back. Alums like me appreciate the sacrafice guys like Jason make for the good of the program and will be there for him when he is ready to enter the working world. Supporting each other is what it's all about.

TCU student

Depending on how our team matures, what happens with CP, we are going to need this kid bad. I respect the choices each player has to make, but for our sake I'm glad he decided to stick around.


This is an important keep for us. Our team is going to be good next year but fans want GREAT! And to be great we are going need for him to return and be healthy. National signing day is tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


We are going to need him next year. Soft recruiting class. And we didn't have a banner year last season.


TCU needs to win a home game in the Big 12.....

Kevin from Fort Worth

Jason does not have a pro game. He is a good college player but without the right scheme, like most guys, his college playing days are likely his last. I'm glad to see him coming back to Fort Worth.

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