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Tim Tebow coming to Dallas to speak to anti-gay church

Tim_tebow--300x300Tim Tebow will apparently never learn how to throw a spiral but the man knows how to be a relevant quarterback without being very good.

The New York Jets QB is scheduled to come to Texas on April 28 to speak to the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Click here for the story in the New York Daily News.

This is sure to be a massively controversial decision on Tebow's part. First Baptist Dallas is led by Rev. Robert Jeffress, who has dabbled in some pretty hard-core rhetoric, especially with his views on homosexuals. And other things.

He once said President Barack Obama is paving the way for the future reign of the antichrist. He has said that stopping gay marriage must be a part of U.S. Defenese policy. And he also said that Satan himself is behind the Catholic church.

Tim Tebow, this could be your most difficult escape yet. 

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Steve Early

Your headline is designed to create animosity and to confuse. Other than Westboro Baptist, show me an "anti-gay church". Christian theology (along with Judaism and most other major religions) has taught that homosexuality is a sin for thousands of years. It is no different than adultery. It is not "anti-gay" to believe homosexual activity is sinful any more than believing incest is "anti-family". You are intellectually dishonest or lazy. Either way, you owe an apology to those you call "anti-gay".



Arrogance is not saying that you disagree with what God says about homosexuality. Arrogance is saying you know better. Go ahead and create whatever God you'd like. It'll make you feel ever so good. But please stop being a religious bigot against EVERY major religion known to man, including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. You are so enlightened, my friend, even more so than Jesus. That's saying something.

Doug Olson

It's funny but I read almost the same piece in the Huffington Post. So is "Right Wing Watch" sending out talking papers?


As a progressive Christian and a Tim Tebow fan, I'm very disappointed that he is associating himself with this church and pastor.
Have never understood how denying basic civil rights to gay people could be construed as anything but anti-gay, so clearly Jeffries and those who follow him fit the label. And for what it's worth, Jesus never said a word about homosexuality.

David P. Hamilton in Fort Worth

What is Tebow doing next year? ...selling insurance... who cares. Next.


To my "progressive" friend, Jesus may not have spoken about homosexuality, but He certainly taught on how marriage was to be defined. "And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”- Jesus
I know His words may not fit in with your worldview, but please don't try to twist what He said due to your unwillingness to follow Him completely. I'm sticking with Jesus, you can stick to whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable.


@Tim - I like how you cut off that bit before the really good part. You know, how Jesus then goes on to state that people who remarry after getting divorced are still committing adultery. I wonder why you didn't include that. Hmm.


Hurray Tim-teboy we christians and other holy religion people are with you.

This LGBT people are cursed so do not worry they will die alone.

But our religious war was always there and it will be there always never ending.
So this liberal media who have thugs as followers wont affect us.

god bless u


Mac ,stick to sports. Theology is better expressed by theologians, not spare sports bloggers.

free agent

More Leftwing diatribe from a Walter Mittey wann-be.

jason R

First thing to the person that stated that "Jesus never said a word about homosexuality" you better read your bible again! or get a King James, because he does, and also it is mentioned several times through out the bible in both new and old testaments! it is a sin! but that does NOT mean that ALL CHRISTIANS are gay bashers and haters! I was always taught that you love the person and hate the sin! people are being deceived in thinking you can be gay and go to heaven, as well as many other things that are deemed as sin by our God and his son Jesus Christ. Dr. Jeffers is right on with his views and opinion about gays and Pres. Obama. open your eyes America, wake up and see that we need Jesus now more than ever! Tim Tebow your the man!!!! God bless

Benny McCoy

What Christian don't think homosexuality is not sin! If you don't believe that your not a christian. God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality and God hasn't changed. Just because someone may think its ok doesn't mean a hill of beans. Homosexuality is sin and God hates sin. Thank God for Tim Tebow, now that is a Christian.


I love this blog. Sports. Social issues. Politics. Movie reviews. Give it up to the BIG MAC BLOG! Keep up the great work.


Yall do realize that the Bible is man-made, right? Stories written after the fact. Religion itself is man-made. What does that make both the Bible and religion? Inherently FLAWED.

Your extremism isn't that of the Taliban but your stance is based on a princple known as FUNDAMENTALISM. No disrespect folks, but Fundamentalists through the HISTORY OF MANKIND are basically always wrong about everything. I don't say so, history "say" so.

Lolli Pops & Rainbows

It is amazing we are even talking about Tim Tebow. He was a great talent but isn't much talking about post college.

Colorado Randy

There is no subject matter too difficult for the Big Mac to tackle. Thumbs up to the best blog in Texas.


Amen and God bless America and The Big Mac Blog. Serious issues. Serious blogging. That's what our guy Mak Engle is all about. We love you. Keep covering the stories and we will keep reading your stuff. Great work.

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