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What Phillies HOF 3B Mike Schmidt thinks of Michael Young may stun you

022113_mike-schmidt_600Say this for Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt, the man is seldom afraid of his opinions. God love him for that.

The power hitting former third baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies is usually a lively quote, and he served up this stunning winner in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer:

On fomer Texas Rangers infielder and new Phillie Michael Young: "Michael Young could retire tomorrow, and he would be a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame. He's probably two Michael Young years away from being a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I don't know what his career hitting numbers are, but he's a little like Derek Jeter. Is he not? If he played in New York, imagine what people would be saying about Michael Young's career. Somebody would have mentioned the Hall of Fame a long time ago."

Not sure if Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels would agree with Mr. Schmidt, and I sure as hell know a lot of short-term memory Rangers fans do not. Schmidt does have a point - if Young played in a New York market, the slobbering love fest for this guy would be akin to a Jenna Jameson greatest hits DVD.

120612-600-michael-young-2Since I have known Michael since he was a rookie in 2001 and he actually gave me the time of day, I will forever have a hard time remaining unbiased about Young. Yes, his season last year sucked. No doubt. 

Look at his statistics over what has been a remarkably consistent career, Schmidt has a point. Check out Young's career numbers on to see for yourself.

Young needs a couple of more Michael Young-type seasons and a strong case can be made that he should merit HOF consideration. Not a first ballot. Maybe a fourth or sixth ballot. If Barry Larkin, whom was a childhood sports hero of mine, gets in so easily a player like Young should get a serious look.

He's 36, and on a roster such as the Phillies he has the time and the team to make a run at a couple of more highly productive seasons.

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He's the only one I'll miss. Well, maybe Pudge. But Viva Michael Young!

Mike Hajduk

As a Ranger fan, I agree with someone who should know, Mike Schmidt. As to Michael Young's "sucky" year in '12' , why are teams paying $10 mil+ for pitchers who are 12-10, hitters who hit .260, and average catchers who hit .212?

We will miss Young Michael more than we'll miss a declining and delicate Hamilton.

Knock 'em dead, Michael.


Michael Young is the man. We are going to miss him. He is a great great talent.


There is a place for him in Cooperstown. We loved him in Texas will root for him in Philly and will cheer him on during his speech in Cooperstown Ohio.

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