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You can't spell "snob" without DeLoss Dodds

6ABA4E26302944F89BA2CA0BCB7B68E5.ashxGotta love University of Texas director of athletics and de facto Big 12 commish DeLoss Dodds - the man is the rich guy at the richest country club in town who just loves to remind you that despite your success you just aren't as rich as he is. And you never will be.

He can't help himself.

In a state of the Texas athletics program with long time Austin-American Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, Dodds insisted all is well at Club Bevo.

In the column, and this is the quote Dodds is currently getting killed for, he said: "We’re going to have good years again. Our bad years are not that bad. Take a school like Missouri. Our bad years are better than their good years. But we’ve created a standard."

As a University of Kansas undergrad alum, it is my moral obligation to say, 'Well played, DeLoss.' Any shot at Missouri Junior College is always appreciated.

Deloss_Dodds_Hugs_Mack_BrownAs a fair and balanced journalist who strives for fairness and accuracy at least 33 percent of the time, it is my obligation to say, 'Dude, show some class you arrogant entitled rich kid". You have the keys to one of the biggest athletic programs in the entire nation and yet the one program that really matters has won but one national title in football in more than 30 years. 

Auburn has the same number of titles in that span. What good is all of your money if you aren't going to use it on a quarterback? 

The other winner from Bohls' column is Dodds' saying, "If you win all the time, it’s not good for the coaches or the kids. You’ve got to learn to appreciate it."

The point is valid. Now apply this same sentence in a performance review of a pair of University of Texas coaches.

DeLoss Dodds: "Mack Brown, if you win all the time, it’s not good for the coaches or the kids. You’ve got to learn to appreciate it."
Mack Brown: "Point DeLoss. Again. My God you are smart. And happy 51st birthday, sir. My point is by 2020 these kids are really going to appreciate beating Oklahoma."

DeLoss Dodds: "Rick Barnes, if you win all the time, it’s not good for the coaches or the kids. You’ve got to learn to appreciate it."
Rick Barnes: "Mission accomplished." 

No one can argue that Dodds does not preside over one of the most lucrative and financially successfull athletic departments in the nation. He deserves the credit for that reality.

It's the same reality that says you should always be better than Missouri because you are Texas.

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They should bury that dude face down so he can see where he's going.

Hey, DeLoss, my Thanksgiving was fantastic. How was yours?


spoken like an atm man

fed up

Dodds has single handidly embarassed our school. First he has taken our conference to the brink of dissolving twice. then he chose to throw a tantrum rather than try and fix what was wrong. Now he wants to condescendingly tell us that all is well? Get off your high horse dodds. We have had enough. While you gloated over your precious lhn, which sucks by the way, we got to watch the a&m rivalry die and then had to endure losing to tcu in front of a pathetically unfilled stadium on thanksgiving. It is painfully obvious that Brown has lost his touch, just as you have. But don't worry, right? We have more money than anybody else so you are just fine. Guess what, you had better get used to less and less sellouts in as we continue fielding a medicore to poor product. Yeah dodds, you really stuck it to those aggies.


the University of Texas expects us to believe that Vince Young was passing college level coursework as a student-athlete. Yeah, right. hahaha Someone was doing his work for him in the classroom. Texas should go on probation for letting this clown play football for them. hahaha

don't mess with texas

DeLoss Dobbs is a total snobb and an idiot. Horns down.

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