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1-year deal the best way to go with Anthony Spencer

Dal_a_spencera_400Since he was a kid playing sports in Fort Wayne, Indiana his coaches had to beg Anthony Spencer to care just a little bit more. His indifference and apathy got him in trouble with his high school coach. He was the classic case of a young man who took his considerable ability for granted.

When he was in high school at Bishop Luers, it wasn't until his high school coach pointed out the college recruiters who were watching him practice and play in games was Spencer suddenly interested in dominating games. He signed with Purdue.

When Spencer was at Purdue, it wasn't until his college coaches told him he could potentially be a high selection in the NFL draft did his interest level change. He was a first round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys.

Keeping with a similar football trajectory, when Spencer saw that he could cash in huge as a free agent did his interest level match his talent, and the production took off.

For the second time in as many offseasons the Dallas Cowboys put the franchise tag on Spencer. It's expensive - Spencer will make a guaranteed $10.6 mil' in '13, but the best move to make regarding this player. He can't be trusted with a long term deal. The short term is the only way.

The Cowboys ensure they will have the services of a talented outside linebacker who will have the carrot of playing for a large contract after this season. He will be asked to return to defensive end, the position he played at Purdue, in defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's 4-3 scheme.

According to Star-Telegram Cowboys' man Clarence E. Hill Jr., the team and Spencer's agent are talking about a long-term deal.

What's the rush? They have Spencer locked in for one season, and the allure of a long-term deal. It's best to keep it that way.

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