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A mouthy kid from Fort Worth is going to lead Ole Miss to the NCAAs

Uspw_7153862College basketball doesn't move the needle much around here, but for those of you who care the name Marshall Henderson should resonate.

The guard/forward was a scoring freak for L.D. Bell High School in Hurst and finished his high school career with 2,829 points. He once scored 40 points in the 2009 DFW East-West all-star basketball game featuring players from Tarrant and Dallas County.

Between then and now, however, you probably had a good reason to forget about Henderson. Today, he has the Ole Miss Rebels likely in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2002 after they defeated Missouri in the SEC quarterfinals on Friday night. Henderson scored 27, and pissed off just about everybody in the building.

He will shoot from anywhere. He will say anything, to opposing players, coaches and their fans. He is what the kids call, cra'.

He told the Birmingham News: ""I'm a manipulator of sorts and I like messing with people's minds, and it's pretty funny to mess with people like that. It's a freaking game. It's a basketball game. People take it so seriously that it's funny for a little white guy like me to just come around, talk trash to people and the fans. Like, what are you going to do in the stands? What am I going to do on the court to you in the stands? It's funny just to mess with people."

I do like that - it's all in fun.

He signed with Utah out of high school and played for the Utes where he started 30 games as a freshman. Then he transferred to Texas Tech where he was going to play for Bobby Knight. That would have been great - watching Bob Knight try to coach Marshall Henderson.

Henderson elected to leave Tech after Knight left the program and handed it over to his son, Pat. In 2011-'12, Henderson played for South Plains College where he led that program to a 36-0 record and a NJCAA Title.

Today, he has made Ole Miss relevant because coach Andy Kennedy was likely a little desperate.

You don't just sign a kid who has attended four colleges in a few years without knowing there is some stuff.

Henderson was suspended from his high school team in '09 for a violation of team rules. He was busted for forgery after buying weed with counterfeit cash. 
in 2011, he was arrested in Texas and sentenced to four months for violating probation; he failed drug tests for alcohol, weed and cocaine.

Now, all is forgiven. The Rebels are 24-8, and Henderson averages 19.9 points per game. Of his 476 shot attempts, 348 are 3-pointers.

At 6-2, Henderson is not likely going to be an NBA player but he should be at Ole Miss for one more season which should piss off everybody but the Rebels.

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Rebel Nation

Henderson is mouthy, crazy, and a legit scorer. Ole Miss won again today and is facing to Florida in the SEC finale. He is nuts but he is a winner.

jackie in oxford

Marshall has a ton of heart and speaks his mind.He is honest and a real basketball talent. That should not be confused for crazy.

Jane Boykin

"A mouthy kid" is still a kid - and a talented one as deserving of the the opportunity to "live and learn" as any other. The mention of his past is wasting ink better spent describing the way he dribbled down the clock last night and what a pleasure it was to watch a talented kid have so much fun playing "the freaking game".

tim jumper

You can believe in the power of Marshall. He is legit first round draft pick. He is nuts but he can score. Look out who ever draws Ole Miss in the Big Dance because this squad can play.

bucky badger

He is as dumb as a box of rocks but he has a ton of heart and occasionally he plays like a winner. He is a perfect fit for an under achieving Ole Miss squad.

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