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A Q&A with the most famous coaches' wife in America - Amanda Marcum

IMG_1955ARLINGTON, Texas - Put Amanda Marcum Enfield along with Marissa MIller as one of the few of those of TV pretty people types who actually look better in person than they do on the screen.

(BTW - they never, ever look like they do on the cover of the magazine; thanks PhotoShop!)

Marcum is the better half of Florida Gulf Coast men's basketball coach Andy Enfield; she has recently had the Katherine Webb treatment, without Brent Musberger.

The difference between Marcum and Webb is that one is dying for the camera while the other appears she would rather be done with them.

Amanda Marcum is a former model who once graced the pages of Maxim, but is now married with three children with Andy Enfield. Their kids are around 7, 5 and 2.

As 15th-seeded FGCU upset Georgetown and San Diego State in the second and third rounds of this NCAA Tournament, the camera crews could not show Marcum enough. Wonder if dudes were manning those cameras?

Marcum is again with her team, and her three little kids, this time in Arlington as they prepare to play Florida in the Sweet 16 on Friday night.

She was gracious enough to stop for a quick chat about her sudden, and pretty much unwanted, fame.

Big Mac Blog: You are used to being in front of the camera.
Amanda Marcum Enfield: Well, it's been a while.

8248-amanda-marcum-iphone-hd-wallpaper_640x960Big Mac Blog: But are you comfortable with all of this?
Amanda Marcum Enfield: As much as I do appreciate it and it's nice, but I don't know that I am completely comfortable with it. This is not about me. This is about this team. That's the reason why we're here. They should have all of the attention. But I do appreciate it. It's nice. 

Big Mac Blog: When was the last time you worked as a model?
Amanda Marcum Enfield: I think it's been about ... the last shot I did was about four years ago. I really wasn't doing much then either because I had moved to Florida and had my children and basically just stopped. It was hard to move to Tallahassee and have kids and all of that. 

Big Mac Blog: When were you aware that your popularity and fame had taken off?
Amanda Marcum Enfield: I still don't know. It's seems really strange. I just ... it's hard to believe. I'm not sure I quite understand, or what's going on. It's been overwhelming and unexpected. Right now I'm enjoying watching this team.

Big Mac Blog: Would you ever want to go back.
Amanda Marcum Enfield: No. I'm in a different phase of my life. My family is 100 percent first. I don't know that I could do what I used to do and be the mom I want to be. It would be very strange.


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avid fan

omg, i hope her team advances. i don't even like basketball but she is fantastic

march madness

I have her in the finals of hottest coach's wives.

hall of fame milf

Have you seen her husband????? She married for love....NOT!!!!

Greg in Dallas

Now that Amanda is out of the tournament I'm turning of my TV. So sad.

Steve Alford

With this new contract I should have held out for a hotter wife. I got hosed.

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