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A&M will play Texas when this sorority cat fight stops

Deloss-dodds-p1I do love me some DeLoss Dodds. The University of Texas director of athletics and de facto Big 12 commish can't help himself. Whether it's giving the green light for his teams to have losing seasons, or remaining absolutely tone deaf to anything not Texas, the man provides good copy.

The Daily Texan asked Mr. Dodds when Texas might play Texas A&M again in football, to which Dodds answered: 

“I think we'll play sometime. I don't know when it will happen or how it will happen, but I'm sure it will happen. They left. They're the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again. I think that's fair. If you did a survey of our fans about playing A&M, they don't want to. It's overwhelming. I know. I hear it. Our fans are important to us. I think there's got to be a period where things get different. I think there's too many hard feelings."

That last sentence is true - there are too many hard feelings. On both sides. The A&M people are hacked because the Aggies feel that rather than take something else into consideration other than itself, Texas did what was best for Texas by jumping into bed with ESPN and creating the Longhorn Network and keeping all of the profits. A&M would have done the same thing had ESPN called the Aggies. Bristol didn't call College Station, so the Aggies bolted to the SEC with a giant middle finger on its way East.

Dodds said "We get to decide." Not sure A&M director of athletics Eric Hyman agrees. When I asked him such a question in an interview last fall, he sounded none too eager to play UT primarily because of the brutality of the SEC schedule.

You can bet neither Mack Brown nor Kevin Sumlin want this game for fear of losing a non-conference date.

Eric-hyman-300x220Financially, the respective decisions made sense for both schools but there is something bigger than DeLoss, Mack, Hyman, Sumlin and any of the power brokers who wear the maroon and white or the orange and white: Texas and Texas A&M.

The schools, the programs, the alumni and the tradition are much bigger than any of these men who are acting like a sparring sorority girls who are upset over the float in the homecoming parade. 

It happens in other states all the time - Georgia plays Georgia Tech in football. Florida plays Florida State. Clemson plays South Carolina. 

Get over it and do the right thing by putting Texas v. Texas A&M back on the schedule. 

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You seem to forget one detail that all Aggies forget also. When the LHN was in development, A & M was approached about being partners on the network. They turned Texas down. They had a chance to get in on this, but now it is sour grapes on A & M's part.

horns down

Texas is evil. I used to just think they were healthy rivals but they are not. A&M has good kids, good values, and works hard to be good partners and supporter of its graduates and good people in the community. Texas is just evil. They are liars and generally bad people that can not be trusted. TO HECK WITH TEXAS! KIDS -- GO TO A&M!!!

bill s

as a 50 year-old texas-ex, i'm with deloss all the you say, aggy did leave with their middle finger eff them...the rivalry meant much more to them, anyway, and it was trumped by the sec...texas will get back to where we belong because we have the right people in can drop the junior high "green light to lose", engel...achievement is not easy ...just ask aggy, who needed decades to return to their swc glory days of a two-loss season and the cotton bowl

Kelly in Dallas

What a joke! You are waay out of line on this one. TEXAS WANTS THE GAME! The Aggies are the worst dogers ever! They are sooo full of it. I can't believe your paper pays you to write this garbage. TEXAS WANTS THIS GAME! I've been an alum for 25 years, love my school, and know A & M all too well. They can't be trusted and are the masters of spin. Quit writing this crap. It's not true.


If this isn't proof the Aggies hide from EVERY quality opponent, I don't know what is.


Shouldn't DeLoss worry more about his department. There is way too much bad going on with his athletes and coaches breaking laws and rules to worry about another school. I believe the NCAA calls it "A Lack of Institutional Control." I hear more concern from local radio shows about Johnny Football and his personal life and nothing about tu's athletic department...

Terry R.

Mack Brown is a pig. I can't believe anybody would give him a coaching job. I can't wait till he loses some more and his idiot alumni run him off. He smells of crookedness.


The Aggies are in the SEC now...meanwhile horn still walks around pushing the Big 12 teams around (see how horns play at home for Thanksgiving in consecutive seasons). All the Big 12 teams want to leave but OU can not leave without OSU, TTU needs a package with horns, and BU has no power.

What a brilliant move by the Aggies!!!

(realistic) aggie fan

i vomitted when i read this. ut is the worst. they are liars. play the game. the aggies will destroy ut until mack brown is gone. brown is the program's undoing. he won't recruit. can't coach. i say, let them play. the aggies will own them until brown is gone.

Dan Evans

Even though I am a Longhorn fan I agree with Mark, that there is a lack of institutional control as the NCAA calls it at UT, but isn't that true at most major college football programs? I am sure everyone is enjoying Johny Football hype including me although it is out of control. I hope he doesn't go pro just so we can watch him 3 more years. I am sure their are some Aggie fans who secretly enjoyed watching Vince Young and Kevin Durant.

Dan Evans

And yes Big Mac; bring back Orangebloods vs. Aggie fanatics. I can't believe one of the oldest rivalries in Texas is gone.


Funny that the Horns still talking about playing again, while A&M is not....The Aggies pulled off a brilliant move the SEC, and the Horns are stuck in the Big12 with a bunch of weak sisters....but still trying to flew their muscles...

A&M has great games at Kyle field for the forseeable future, what's Texas got in Austin? and/or Thanksgiving? TT? TCU? Baylor? Iowa St? KU? lol

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