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Dear Walking Dead - Get moving

Laurie-Holden-Walking-DeadSeason 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead has two episodes remaining, and the way the writers/producers/directors are dragging out this current plot line of Man v. Man count me among the many who are ready for a new story line. This is taking forever.

In this most recent installment aired on Sunday evening, rather than the "war" between Woodbury and the nearby prison we see that Andrea (Laurie Holden) is now convinced that her former boyfriend, The Governor (David Morrissey), is a total psycho whack-job. She escapes, only to somehow be caught in a twist that really pushes the whole suspension of disbelief thing.

A few more people are beginning to see The Governor as a loon, who now has his own torture chair.

Woodbury v. Prison is an interesting story line to a point, but this was played out about four episodes ago. As good and as enteraining as this show is, it needs to start feeling like it's going somewhere. 

The Walking Dead is all about human survival in an inhumane world, but for the sake of the viewer there needs to be some idea that there is a direction - a cure, an island, etc. - or else the humans are just as aimless as the zombies they are avoiding.

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Devon Wright

I agree. I'm mostly disappointed with the writing for each episode of season 3. Season 2 had many, many more cleverly written episodes that ultimately culminated in a tragically emotional ending with the simultaneous death of Shane by the hands of the reluctant Rick, who also comes to the realization that they are all infected. Season 1 and 2's plot was driven by the intimately personal dramas of the central characters, but it was also driven by the unanswered question about the extent of the zombie epidemic, the method by which the initial outbreak occured, and whether there was a cure. I get none of those driving forces in Season 3.

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