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Don't worry - the Mavericks will be in the lottery

0312_mavs_bucks01It's March, which is the time of the year when veteran NBA players start to give a bleep. Notice your Dallas Mavericks are winning now.

The Mavs win in Milwaukee on Tuesday night is their fourth straight, has them three games under .500 and now supporting their belief they can not only shave soon, but will reach the playoffs.

And that's all well and good until they go to San Antonio on Thursday night where they will eat from a plate of reality. They will eat the same dish on March 17 when they host the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Mavs have 19 games remaining to make this run to extend their impressive playoff streak, but the problem is the Lakers are now awake, too.

There are too many losses remaining on the Mavs schedule for them to really have a shot. 

Consider these remaining opponents
3/14 at San Antonio (49-16)
3/15 vs. OKC (47-17)
3/18 at Atlanta (34-29, 19-11 at home)
3/20 v. Brooklyn (38-27)
3/22 vs. Boston (34-29)
3/24 vs. Utah (33-31)
3/26 vs. LA Clippers (45-20)
3/28 vs Indiana (39-24)
4/2 at Lakers (34-31)
4/4 at Denver (43-22)
4/12 vs. Denver (43-22)
4/15 vs. Memphis (43-19)

Alas, if you consider a push for the eighth seed entertaining this should be at least interesting.

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phil jackson

We ain't making the playoffs. Our roster is not good. The draft does not look especially promising for us. I hope Cuban has something up his sleeve. If he thinks we are going to be a contender again (in this decade) he better make some moves soon.

nawar elaba

i think if mayo develops and return to his previous mayo of the beginning of the season with a bunch of 30 point games to backup nowitzki . i think we will be a very very tough team to beat and definitely make the playoffs

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