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In the end, Baylor does not deserve the NCAA tournament

Pierre-jackson-baylor.13259715331. This is why you hate college officiating. Sixteen seconds after Baylor tied Oklahoma State in the Big 12 tourney with a four-point play with 19 seconds remaining, the officials screwed up with a terrible call on a drive to the basket by OSU guard Phil Forte where there was no contact. 

Forte made both free throws, leaving Baylor guard Pierre Jackson to dribble the length of the court and try a potential game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer. He had 31 points, but the shot hit the rim and Baylor is now left to pray for an NCAA tournament bid that should have been a done deal.

2. This is why you hate Baylor, and want to throw something at coach Scott Drew. And then you remember it's Baylor, and you recall what this program was before he arrived and you have no choice but to reconsider your disgust.

One game after upsetting Kansas, the Baylor basketball team returned to being so Baylor this season in a loss against No. 14 Oklahoma State in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City on Thursday night. OSU won 74-72 in a game it led by 20 in the first half.

Baylor may be the last team out of the NCAA tournament. The Bears needed to defeat the Cowboys to make the field of 68. This is going to leave Stephen F. Austin as the only team from Texas with a chance to make the tournament.

ScottDrewConsidering the players Drew lost from last season's team no one should have expected a return to the Elite 8, but guys like Jackson and Isaiah Austin should have made this more than an NIT team. 

The Bears are 18-14, and their RPI is somewhere in the 60s. They were 1-8 in games decided by 5 points or less.

Drew deserves a statue for making this program nationally relevant for something other than homicides. How he has attracted top talent to his program is quite - cough, cough - incredible? Sure. Go with that word. It's what happens after the top talent arrives that can be so frustrating.

His teams play right at the fringe of control, and when the jumpers are not falling things can look chaotic. Drew's teams have a hint of a Steve Lavin "coached" team; sometimes it looks like a ball has been rolled out and the message is, "Go score the basketball, boys."

It leaves people frustrated that Baylor should be more, and maybe the Bears should be more. The talent they had this season said they were better than 18 wins.

Considering, however, what Baylor was when Drew arrived being frustrated is better than not caring.

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Baylor to win it all

You are a punk and you are wrong. Baylor deserves it big time. Big wins over quality opponents and one of the most exciting teams in the country. You love TCU. Go eat it sports boy.

Troy Claycamp

Typical Big Mac post, heavy on hyperbole, light on reality. Punk. Scott Drew is the best basketball technician since Jim Harrick. East coast bias-er. Eat some sports. Great post Baylor to win it all. Great support for your argument and stuff.

John in Arlington

Late comment, but did you forget about UTA being a potential Texas-sourced player in the field of 68, 72...whatever it si. Or did you just ignore them, as is the case with most DFW media?

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