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Jerry drafts vs. Parcells drafts - the results are scary

010207_bill_parcellsThis week, tight end John Phillips signed with the San Diego Chargers; that leaves none of the 12 players who were drafted by the Cowboys in 2009 still with the team. That is one of the primary reasons this team is in such mediocre shape - the guts of a team in 2013 should be comprised by a few guys from 2009.

One of the criticisms the people at Valley Ranch had towards former head coach Bill Parcells was they thought he wasn't much in the way of running a draft. Take a look at the four drafts of the Cowboys' run by Parcells, and the four immediately after he left.

2003 (Parcells)
Terence Newman, DB. Pro Bowler. Still in the league.
Al Johnson, C. Played and started for a while; 5 NFL seasons. Too small.
Jason Witten, TE. Likely Hall of Famer.
Bradie James, LB. 9 seasons with Cowboys. Solid player. Now with Texans.
B.J. Tucker, CB. Never made it.
Zuriel Smith, WR. Never made it.
Justin Bates, G. Never made it.

2004 (Parcells)
Julius Jones, RB. Four seasons in Dallas. 7 NFL seasons.
Jacob Rogers, OT. Bust.
Stephen Peterman. OG. Never made it with Cowboys. Caught in Detroit where he remains a starter.
Bruce Thornton, DB. One season with Cowboys. One with SF.
Sean Ryan, TE. 2 seasons with Cowboys and six in NFL.
Nate Jones, DB. Four seasons with Cowboys and eight overall.
Patrick Crayton, WR. Solid No. 3 WR for years.
Jacques Reeves, DB. Four seasons with Cowboys and seven in NFL.

2005 (Parcells)
DeMarcus Ware, OLB. Arguably the best player selected in the class.
Marcus Spears, DT. Solid player. Was cut this week.
Kevin Burnett, OLB. Couldn't stay healthy. 3 year starter in Miami.
BarberMarion Barber, RB. Very good when healthy. Burned out quick. Retired.
Chris Canty. DE. Still in the league. Starter for Super Bowl Giants team.
Justin Beriault, S. Had to retire early because of injuries.
Rob Petitti, OT. Forced to start much of rookie year.
Jay Ratliff, DL. Developed into Pro Bowl NT.

2006 (Parcells)
Bobby Carpenter, OLB. Still in the league. Barely.
Anthony Fasano, TE. A starter for the last 5 years in Miami.
Jason Hatcher, DL. Regular starter for the Cowboys.
Skyler Green, WR. 3 seasons with 3 teams.
Pat Watkins, S. Played for Cowboys for 4 seasons and 5 NFL seasons.
Montavious Stanley, DT. Four seasons, four teams.
Pat McQuistan, OT. Still in the league
E.J. Whitley, OT. Injuries forced him to give up football. 

Anthony Spencer, LB. Took a while but a solid player.
James Marten, T. Never made it.
Isaiah Stanback, WR. Great athlete, didn't make it.
Doug Free, T. Starter for the Cowboys.
Nick Folk, K. Solid NFL kicker had one very bad year for Cowboys.
Deon Anderson, FB. Played four seasons for Cowboys.
Courtney Brown, CB. Two years with Cowboys.
Alan Ball, DB. 5 seasons with Cowboys. Spent last season with Texans.

Felix Jones, RB. Things just never quite lined up right. 
Mike Jenkins, DB. Decent player but injuries, attitude were a problem.
Martellus Bennett, TE. So much talent. Spent last season with NYG. Just signed with Bears.
Tashard Choice, RB. Four seasons with Cowboys. Spent last season with Bills.
Orlando Scandrick, DB. Decent nickel player with the Cowboys.
Erik Walken, LB. Developed into a decent producer with the Packers.

Jason Williams, LB. 10 games w/Cowboys. Played 5 games last season with Panthers.
Robert Brewster, T. Never made it.
Stephen McGee, QB. Couldn't play.
Victor Butler, LB. Backup linebacker. 
Brandon Williams, LB. 6 games with Cowboys.
DeAngelo Smith, CB. Nope. Played 7 games for Lions.
Michael Hamlin, CB. 12 games with Cowboys. 4 for Jaguars.
David Buehler, K. A great athlete and a strong leg but was not accurate.
Stephen Hodge, LB. Total waste of a pick. Way too small.
John Phillips, TE. Decent blocking tight end. Just signed with Chargers.
Mike Mickens, DB. Nope
Manny Johnson, WR. Nope. 1 catch for 6 yds in his Cowboys career.

Dez Byrant, WR. Developing into one of the league's best.
Sean Lee, LB. Great when healthy.
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, S.  Cut. Played a little bit in Jacksonville in 2011.
Sam Young, T. 2 games with Cowboys. Played 12 games in Buffalo last season.
Jamar Wall, CB. Never made it with Cowboys. Played 2 NFL games.
Sean Lissemore, DL. Started some last season for Cowboys. 


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Don K.

Parcells drafted his share of XFL players; aka busts. However he was great at eeking every last ounce out of vetran players and pushing the young guys. He developed some decent guys out of nothing. And he was a great coach. Probably a better coach than GM. And slice it any way you want it; he was a better draft picker than JJ ever will be.

Interesting article. Maybe Parcells wasn't the best GM or had any real magic when it came to picking kids out of the draft. However, what Parcells did have was power. When he drafted guys they played hard for him or beat 'em up, benched, or traded them. Maybe Parcells was great at picking guys. But he was great at picking guys and then picking on them. I don't know that catches or sacks would be the best way to evaluate Parcells draft preformance. Rather I would look more at his wins, losses, and how long it took him to turn around team. Maybe he wasn't great at picking great talent (or maybe he was) but he was good at beating on his players and getting his teams to win. His teams were always well prepared, played hard, didn't quit, and feared Bill's wrath. I'd say that makes his draft day preformance secondary or maybe even non-relavant. The guy was a winner and a darn good football coach and his players respected and feared him.

The Noodler

Parcells wasn't all that great at identifying talent. Go back and compare Parcells' drafts to Jimmy Johnson's.

BTW, it was Parcells who played his buddy, the horrible and aging Drew Bledsoe, while a young talented QB sat on the bench for 2-3 years (Tony Romo).


The only reason Romo was even on the bench was because Parcells insisted on keeping him depite JJ's desire to develope either Quincy Carter, Chad Huthinson or Drew Henson. It was also Parcells that benched Bledsoe & replaced him with Romo...

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