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Marshall Henderson asks for it, but not this from Missouri fans

HENDERSON1-articleLargeWorking on a larger piece of University of Mississippi guard Marshall Henderson, who is from Fort Worth and played for his dad at L.D. Bell High School. Ole Miss will play Wisconsin on Friday in the first round of the NCAA tournament. There is not a bigger character in college basketball than Henderson.

Willie Henderson, who is still the coach at Bell, has done interviews from The New York Times, ESPN, CNN, USA Today and countless others. 

By now, Willie Henderson is used to the reaction and sometimes considerable anger his son can inspire with his antics. Mostly, Willie is amused by it but there is an exception.

On March 15, Ole Miss defeated Missouri by two in the SEC tournament. After the game, Henderson ran over towards the Missouri fan section and flipped them the bird. That gesture was pretty extreme, even for Henderson. There was a reason.

On Feb. 9, Ole Miss was playing at Missouri when that student section, which years ago featured the notorious "Antlers", really went after Marshall Henderson.

"Their fans crossed a line," Willie Henderson said. "There was a sign in the stands that said, 'For a good time called Marshall's sister' and it had her cell phone number. They blew her phone up with over 200 texts with some of the most vile, hateful, sexually explicit things. My 19-year-old daughter, who is a freshman at Ole Miss, calls me just bawling on the phone. The security guards got to the student who had put up the sign, but the damage had been done. I was at the game and I was burning up."

So when Marshall Henderson flipped off the Mizzou fans in that SEC tourney game, it didn't much bother his dad.

"I don't condone that," Willie Henderson said, "but I knew what they had done to his sister." 


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J. Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief for Daily Bugle

you article is flawed... not 'wrong' per se, just flawed

the second paragraph reads...

"Willie Henderson, who is still the coach at Bell, has done interviews from The New York Times, ESPN, CNN, USA Today and countless others."

the second paragraph should read...

"Willie Henderson, who is still the coach at Bell, has done interviews from The New York Times, ESPN, The Big Mac Blog, CNN, USA Today and countless others."

Fix it.

Perry White, editor-in-chief for The Daily Planet

I don't often agree with my contemporary, J. Jonah Jameson, but on this occasion I think he has it correct.

Fix it.

Lou Grant, editor for the Los Angeles Tribune

I think the blog is crap but I agree with my peers.

Fix it.

Polly Purbred, reporter for T.T.V

While I focus primarily on television, and generaly don't like to cause a fuss; I agree with my friends in the print media.

Fix it.

shut up and ball

Say what you want. It's put up or shut up tommorow. (I'm betting it's shut up for Marshall. No way he gets past WI)

Rock chalk

Fizzou fans are generally total scum.


Looks like ole miss put up and they continue to move on unlike MIZZOU the REBELS are representing the SEC Like they are SUPPOSSED to and as of right now Ole miss is 2 & 1 vs MIZZOU so in closing SHOVE OFF MIZZOU CONGRATS TO MARSHALL AND THE REBELS


Those fans are classless and I'm glad marshall did what he did keep talking fans cause all ur doing is motivating THE REBELS

Willie Phisterbatum

The funniest part of this is that none of The Antlers were at the game. He just flipped off a bunch of normal Mizzou fans. Can't wait for him to come back to Mizzou Arena next year though! Hopefully Paige comes back too :)


I'm from Southeast Missouri, have been an Ole Miss fan since the 50's and THE "ANTLERS" have probably been one reason I don't follow my home state university-the group has been pulling this unsportsmanlike crap for ages.

Go Rebs

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