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More evidence the Cowboys nailed the '05 NFL draft

102009_merrimanNot that we didn't already know this, but amid all of this talk about the Dallas Cowboys and their ability to screw up a draft class it should be mentioned the team killed it back in 2005.

We know this because Buffalo Bills LB Shawne Merriman recently announced his retirement. He is 28.

In April of 2005 there was some debate the Dallas Cowboys should have selected Merriman with the 11th overall pick of the draft. They selected DeMarcus Ware. Merriman went 12 to the San Diego Chargers.

The fear was "Lights Out" was going to be an enormous pain to sign, and coach, so the Cowboys went with a player who went to the smaller Troy. 

Merriman had 39.5 sacks in his first three years in the NFL, and then a total of six the rest of the way. And there was that suspension for testing positive for roids in 2006.

DemarcuswareA case can be made that DeMarcus Ware is the best player to come out of an entire class that included: 
Aaron Rodgers (24th), Packers, Cal
Roddy White (27th), Falcons, UAB
Frank Gore (65th), 49ers, Miami
Justin Tuck (74th), NY Giants, Notre Dame
Darren Sproles (130th), Chargers, Kansas State 

The obvious debate will be Rodgers, and certainly a case can be made he is the one.

Ware will turn 31 in July, played in all 16 games since he entered the league in '05, has 111 sacks in his career, and will likely end up in both the Cowboys' Ring of Honor and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.




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word up

good draft.... bad draft... we still ain't making the playoffs next year. who cares.


We've made some bad picks but Ware is a stand out. The '05 draft class has some solid names in it and Ware belongs on the list of memorable players.

Bryan Houston

One minor detail. Bill Parcells was in charge back then, not JJ.



This was discussed at the same time. Bill Parcells wanted to draft Marcus Spears at #11; he was only talked out of it by the scouts (& Jerry, who usually deferred to Parcells), who argued that Spears would still be around for the second Cowboy first round pick. This was one of a number of notoriously bad draft day decisions by the coach, which also included Bobby Carpenter, Jacob Rogers and Steven Peterman in the first three rounds.

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