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NASCAR comes out of closet - admits love for guns

FORT WORTH, Texas - Not sure Unknown the NASCAR fan base is going to be OK with this, but Texas Motor Speedway is officially in bed with the National Rifle Association. That relationship could be a big adjustment for the three NASCAR fans who are in favor of more stringent gun control laws.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at TMS will be sponsored by the late Charleton Heston's baby - the "NRA 500" will be April 13 at TMS.

That title beat out the other options such as, "From My Cold Dead Hands 500" and the "Suck It Michael Moore Twin 250s".

No word on whether fans can bring their own shotgun or AK-47 on race day.

"The NRA has been invovled in the sport for several years and a partner of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. for many years in various aspects, and this race entitlement is just another extension of that business relationship," TMS general manager Eddie Gossage said in a statement.

I had no idea of the NRA's involvement with Speedway Motorsports. But it could explain Jimmie Johnson's dominance in this sport - the guy was packin' and probably just flashed his piece on the final laps to ensure all of those wins.

20110424nra_500Sadly, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre was unable to attend Monday's media day at TMS for this exciting announcement. He said in a video message:

"The NRA 500 is the latest announcement in the long history of a growing partnership between the NRA, Speedway Motorsports and the NASCAR community. NRA members and NASCAR fans love their country and everything that is good and right about America. We salute our flag ... volunteer in our churches and communities ... cherish our families ... and WE LOVE RACING!"

LaPierre did an OK job of meeting his minimums on making statements.
Guns? Check
Country? Check
Racing? Check
Church? Check
Flag? Check
Troops? Whiff
Hate President Obama? Whiff


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Doug Olson

Lets see... When you win you get a cowboy hat to wear, you fire pistols loaded with blanks and sometimes you win a rifle... Yea I'm shocked, too.

God bless the Red, White, and Blue

Guns and race cars! I can't wait to take my kids to this family fun event!


Let's hope it leads to redneck anal sex with their shotguns.

mouse trap

this is the best promotion since Camel Cigarettes started using a cartoon to help promote/sell their product

Wreck it Ralph

I hope Disney gets on this too. The tie in promotions with Disney-NASCAR-NRA are endless.

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