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No kidding - TCU guys form a solid hip hop duo

Avatars-000029313723-ty5rj3-t200x200Dedicated readers of this blog (both of you) know that there is no bigger fan of rap or hip hop than The BIg Mac Blog. OK, so maybe that is a giant exaggeration of a massive lie, but good and local deserves heart and love.

If you are a fan of the local and enjoy the hip hop rap thing, do yourself a favor and check out these guys - Midway, which is comprised of TCU student Lou Charles, and TCU grad Kev Nolan. What is wrong with this picture? Kev will admit that he is white.

Don't be fooled. Both have solid jump shots, and can actually sing. Really well.

The duo recently returned from performing at South by Southwest, and their stuff doesn't suck.

Have an open mind and check this out. Click here for their Facebook page.

Find them on Twitter @MidWayTX

And the pair have a YouTube page -

Here is one of their tracks: 




Twitter @MacEngelProf

Facebook Mac Engel



Nice I'm diggin their stuff!

Trisha & Suzi at Fort Worth

Hey Big Mac! Thank you for doing a story on these guys! We LOVE THEM! I think they are going to be BIG BIG BIG!!! WE LOVE THEM!

Billy Z. at Fort Worth Texas

These boys are for real. Look out America. These guys can sing. Love their stuff!

dj fresh

easily the best thing to come out of fort worth since andy dalton.


They have the chops. Don't be surprised to hear these guys on the radio some day. It's a super competitive business but they have the talent.


I'd never heard of them before your article. They aren't too bad. I like what I've heard so far. I'll check them out. Nice of you to do a good piece on some local talent. Keep up the good work.

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