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One of America's most inspiring men visits the Big Mac Blog

220px-Jeffrey_Wigand_(178631094)The greatness that is The Insider is being re-released on Blu-Ray, which gave me the chance to call my all-time favorite interview - Dr. Jeff Wigand.

For those of you who have not seen the movie The Insider, or are not familiar with the good Dr. Wigand, he is the whistleblower and the single most important witness in the landmark lawsuit against the tobacco industries.

I bugged the hell out of him about 10 years ago for the most fascinating interview of my award-winning, yet mostly forgettable, career.

He is a fascinating character, and someone who showed tremendous courage and strength against an opponent that had previously been undefeated.

He has re-married, is living not too far from East Lansing, Michigan, and still works like a dog on spreading the word on the dangers of tobacco. He also experienced some pretty serious health scares.

I caught up with him on Sunday evening over the phone and will be posting this interview soon.

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