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Quote of the day

635dd5ebbb8311e1b8cd12313d1c2505_smallCoach Finstock: It doesn't matter how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose. And even that doesn't make all that much difference.









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mark of the man-wolf

"It's happening again! There is nothing I can do... i'm changing, changing, changing... AAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!

teen wolf

Coach Finstock:
Look Scotty, I know what you're going through. Couple years back, a kid came to me much the same way you're coming to me now, saying the same thing that you're saying. He wanted to drop off the team. His mother was a widow, all crippled up. She was scrubbing floors. She had this pin in her hip. So he wanted to drop basketball and get a job. Now these were poor people, these were hungry people with real problems. Understand what I'm saying?

Scott Howard:
What happened to the kid?

Coach Finstock:
I don't know. He quit. He was a third stringer, I didn't need him.

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