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Sad news about former Oklahoma QB legend Steve Davis

B1davis1010This is incredibly sad news, but there are reports that former Oklahoma quarterback Steve Davis was on board a private plane that crashed near South Bend, Indiana and was killed.

Click here for another story and is confirmed here as well.

Davis was the QB at Oklahoma when he led the Sooners to national titles in 1974 and '75. He was a member of the team that won 28 consecutive games, and he finished with a record of 32-1-1 as a starter.

I met the man once, in 1996; it was at a restaurant in Norman and he bought our table a round of beers.

After OU, he served as a commentator at CBS for many years. He remained an immensely popular figure at Oklahoma after his career was over, working for the school for a while; he remained around the program, and he even reached out to Landry Jones during his senior season when he thought Jones was getting unfairly blasted by fans.

Steve Davis was 60.

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