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Some old pics & an old Q&A with Marshall Henderson

PX00198_9In case Ole Miss does not defeat Wisconsin on Friday in the NCAA tournament, I am dumping out all of this Marshall Henderson stuff before the Rebels' season ends.

Such as this photo, when he was at L.D. Bell, which was taken on Feb. 7, 2008.

This also includes an amusing old Q&A Henderson had with the Star-Telegram back on Dec. 5, 2006 when he was a sophomore at 5A L.D. Bell afer he spent his freshman season at 3A Bowie.

Star-Telegram: What’s the biggest difference between living in Bowie (Texas) and Bedford?
Marshall Henderson: There are a lot more things to do. There’s a mall here, and there are movies and just a lot more things. There are also rec centers where you can go play basketball.

Star-Telegram: What did you do for fun in Bowie?
Marshall Henderson: There was nothing to do. All I did was play basketball. You could go up to the Bowie High School gym, or you could just hang out.

Star-Telegram: Where did you go to eat?
Marshall Henderson: We had a McDonald’s and a Dairy Queen, and there was a nice little Mexican restaurant. I also remember when they opened a Super Wal-Mart and everyone went crazy. I was like, ‘There are millions of those everywhere else.’ But people there got really excited.


Do you consider yourself a city kid or a country kid?
Marshall Henderson: I’m a city guy. I only lived in Bowie for three years. Before that, I was at school in the Birdville district. Hunting and fishing are big things to do in Bowie. I couldn’t really do that. No one ever asked me to, either. They probably knew I would tell them no.

(BTW - this shot was taken in Dec. of 2007; Henderson was shooting was a buzzer-beating, half court attempt that went in against Irving.)


Was it hard finding your way around L.D. Bell?
Marshall Henderson: At Bowie, there’s just one hallway that goes around the school and one that goes through the middle. When I came to Bell, I got really lost. I wasn’t used to the millions of hallways and the number of people who are there. But now I’m a lot better adjusted.

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he's a douchebag and only cares about himself and not his teammates.

Ronnie #33, North Side HS

I loved his game when he was here in Fort Worth. He was a little mouthy when I played him but he could back it up. As far as all the trouble he has gotten into; I think it's over stated. Tons of guys I played with did what he did and a lot worse. The biggest difference is that he is a legit ball player and he got caught.

Felicia @ Fort Worth



texas hoops

Rebels yell! Wisconsin couldn't handle our guy! Everybody can make fun of this kid but he won the SEC tournament and now is marching on in the NCAA tournament and zero Texas teams are playing. We need to keep our talent in Texas. He is a winner.

the eyes of march

Henderson couldn't be stopped when he was here. He won't be stopped in March. The boy defines madness and what this month of hoops is all about. Heart!

rebel in fort worth

Say whatever you want about Marshall. But you have to admit the kid has game....and one more year at Ole Miss. I hope he goes far in the tournament and I hope the Rebels bring in some help for him next season. He can flat out play ball.

Dennis Stuckley, Fort Worth

You would never guess he is the son of a coach. Very unconventional. But I love his heart and his game.


You have to love a kid like this. Tons of heart and enough confidence to think he is open once he drives into the gym parking lot.

Jason Barclay @ Fort Worth

Don't be surprised if this kid makes it to the Final 4. Wichitah beat Gonzaga. That means Ole Miss needs to beat La Salle then Wichitah to get to the Elite 8. Don't bet against this kid. He is hot and his competition is suspect.


As crazy as it seems this crazy kid could lead this team to a Final Four appearance. Look at the bracket. It's possible.

Buckeye in Texas

Hendo is on fire but he will never get past The Ohio State.

Big Dave

From Wikipedia:

Before graduating from high school, Henderson was placed on probation for trying to buy $800 (59 grams) worth of marijuana with counterfeit money. Following that incident, while still on probation, he failed a drug test, testing positive for alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. This, combined with his failing to perform community service as dictated, caused Henderson to have to serve 25 days in jail in the spring of 2012 at Tarrant County Jail in Texas.

The Grove

Sad night for the Rebels. They looked the part but did not get it done. Great run for our boys from Oxford.

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