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TCU will be representing at the Final Four

KU_bkc_TCU_009_t460TCU senior forward Garlon Green is probably not the best dunker in his family, but he will be representing the Green household next week in Atlanta at the Final Four festivities.

Green has been invited to participate in the NCAA Slam Dunk competition. The event also includes and men's and women's 3-point shooting competition.

Garlon will be doing this just a short while after his older brother Gerald, who plays for the Indiana Pacers, participated in the NBA Slam Dunk competition during All-Star weekend in Houston.

"I really had no idea until (TCU men's basketball media relations director Andy Anderson) called and told me they asked me," Garlon said in a short phone interview. "I really didn't expect it. I didn't have a lot of dunks this season compared to last year because our style of offense changed."

It's nice to see a guy who maybe didn't have the world's most celebrated career get a chance to do something fun as a senior such as this.

Green, 6-7, does not have the hops of his older brother, but he can fly when given the proper amount of room.

He said he has talked to Gerald about what to do, and has a few ideas of what he may try when the competition starts.

"We talk every day. He's my best friend," Green said. "I have some ideas. I'm not going to give anything away, though."

The competition will be at 6 p.m. CT at Georgia Tech. Click here to check out the field and his opponents.




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