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Texas, Baylor, A&M, Frogs, Ponies fail - Julius Randle signs with Kentucky

Julius-randle-rt-float-1The state of Texas is now down to two teams playing in postseason college basketball tournaments - Houston and Baylor.

This is going to stay this way as long as the best players in the state keep leaving.

This week, Julius Randle announced he will sign with Kentucky over Kansas; this Kentucky class is so loaded and stacked that head coach John Calipari sounds like a guy who is trying to run off the incoming class he had from a year ago. 

The 6-foot-9 forward from Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas is regarded as one of the top three high school seniors in the nation.

His real finalists with UK, KU and Florida. Notice no mention of Texas, or any other school from this state.

The only way Texas, or any school from this state, is going to become an annual Final Four threat is to beat out the UK, KU, IU and other baskebtall-priority schools. Texas did that once with T.J. Ford and Kevin Durant, but Rick Barnes has to start charming the Julius Randle's of the world into coming to Austin again.

Scott Drew at Baylor has done it a little, but this is a feed-the-beast world.

Barnes, and every other Division I coach in this state, is recruiting with a giant football over his head - how do you convince a kid to come to play basketball in a state where the punter on the football is more important than the guy who can go for 20 and 10? 

Guys like Barnes, Drew and the rest must keep the Julius Randle's in state. 

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Texas is light years away from being able to keep it's best basketball stars in state. Forget it. Not going to happen.


Kevin Durant was not on Texas' final four team.

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