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The 2012-'13 Dallas Mavericks - Close

Hi-res-6825236_crop_exactBy now it should be no surprise the Dallas Mavericks lost against the homesick Derek Fisher-led Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night in Dallas - and that the score was pretty close. The Mavs had a chance late but OKC won, 107-101.

This is the story of this season's Dallas Mavericks - close. That's how they were built, and that is their identity.

Just do not be suckered into believing that if they just won some of those close games everything would be different. Good teams close, the rest are blown out or are close.

The Mavericks have played 32 games that have decided by six points or less (two possessions), or went into overtime. They are 12-20 in those games.

If the Mavs have a .500 record in those games, things would be different. But there is a reason why they are in such games, and they don't have a good record in them - they're close.

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