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The best movie ever made is being re-released on DVD

Article-2287890-186E920B000005DC-846_634x562Today is a good today to feel old - arguably the best movie ever made is turning 20 this year.

Twenty years ago this year, when Liam Neeson was an action star and director Steven Spielberg was just a high-class popcorn film director, they made Schindler's List.

The 20th anniversary limited edition film is being released today, March 5. I don't know how people deliberately buy this movie so as to have the ability to watch it repeatedly.

It is the rarest of films that will endure for generations, educate, make you feel sick and inspire in a matter of hours.

If you get a chance, click on this link - it's a story in The Daily Mail in England; the writer talks to the actress who played the 3-year-old little girl who wore the red coat in the movie. Her red coat is the only color in the entire film.

Her small role is used as the inspiration that led to Oskar Schindler to spending nearly all of his personal wealth in an effort to save approximately 1,200 Jewish people during the Holocaust.

There may not be a more important, and tragic, Hollywood movie ever made.

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Regarding the last line in your story..... "The Last Stand" was a pretty tragic movie but for an entirely different reason

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