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The great state a' Texas is going to rock the NIT

20130316_lbm_at5_231.0_standard_352.0Barring a drunken binge on the part of the NCAA selection committee, the 2013 men's basketball tournament will not feature a team from the great state a' Texas for the first time since 1977 - that was when the field was 32 teams. Not 68.

Texas has 21 Division I teams, and none of them will go. Amazing? Yes. Pathetic? A bit.

When both Texas-Arlington and Stephen F. Austin lost in the finals of their respective conference tournaments on Saturday night that did it. Texas - we suck.

But we are going to rock the blank out of the National Intramural Tournament. These top three teams should make it.

Baylor: 18-14
Stephen F. Austin: 27-4
UTEP: 18-14
Texas A&M: 18-15
Texas-Arlington: 19-13
Houston: 19-12

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marshall henderson

If the state of Texas is serious about playing basketball in March Madness; they need to keep their home grown talent in state.

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