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The Rangers are trying to look like Robin Ventura

Nolan-ryan-1Had a sick feeling when reading this column by the Star-Telegram's Randy Galloway that Texas Rangers boss man Nolan Ryan could be leaving the franchise soon.

This only makes sense if the 66-year-old baseball hall of famer genuinely wants to retire, or just not work quite as much. It's not as if he needs the money. This job requires a great deal of his time and body. Maybe he just wants to have a part-time job.

If this is a power grab by Daniels and George ... remember how Robin Ventura's face looked after he charged the mound when Nolan was pitching? That's how the Texas Rangers' collective face is going to look if Ryan is shown the door.

The only way the Rangers can sell this move is if the decision is Nolan's. If this is really Rangers GM Jon Daniels angling for more power with ownership this is a disaster. JD is lucky Nolan didn't fire him several years ago when he instead opted to be patient and let his young GM learn on the job.

The reason the Rangers have become one of the most repstected franchises in baseball is because of the credibility Nolan brought when then owner Tom Hicks convinced him to come several years ago. Nolan's old school, deliberate and conservative approach was boring but it did work.

Dal_ryan_daniels_600This is not to say Nolan has all of the answers, or that this new combination of Jon Daniels and Rick George won't work. Different approaches can be successful.

To a fan base that has a long memory, and certainly is loyal to a man such as Nolan, to screw around with this power structure is tempting fate. Nolan is not perfect, and given enough time he is going to have a few bad decisions, but it is not a coincidence that the best years of the Texas Rangers have come with Nolan Ryan around.

If he wants to leave, or be semi-retired, certainly by now he has earned that right.

If this is anything other than that, the Rangers are going to look like Robin Ventura's face.



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Doug Olson

I had the same sick to my stomach, too.

free agent

If the Saturday announcement photos in the newspaper were any indication,..Nolan wasn't smiling. Rather, he looked like someone had crapped in his cornflakes. I'm uncertain as to how he will stomach the changes, or, if he will even care to.

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