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The UFC needs to give this local guy his shot at the title

John-Hendricks-166x250Unless UFC czar Dana White can line up a fight between Georges St. Pierre against Anderson Silva, preferably at Cowboys Stadium, sometime in the next few months Johnny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks needs to get his chance.

He has earned his chance at the UFC welterweight title when he defeated Carlos Condit over the weekend in Montreal. Hendricks' unanimous decision win was called "the fight of the night" in UFC 158.

GSP followed that by defeating Nick Diaz. Perfect. This should be the shot Hendricks earned when he defeated Martin Kampmann in UFC 154.

White, GSP and UFC is out of reasons or excuses to avoid lining up GSP vs. Bigg Rigg.

Yes, I am biased. Hendricks is from Mansfield, but he is 15-1 in MMA and 10-1 in the UFC.

It's his time.


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