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Video: Galloway & Big Mac debate whether to sign or wait on Tony Romo





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Dovey Prince

You need to play this segment on the Dallas Cowboys jumbo-tron. Maybe Jerry would listen then????

Reggie @ Arlington

You know Jerry is going to give Romo a max deal. Romo is going to get a TON of up front money to help save on cap space. Jerry is an idiot. Randy's idea about doing what they did to Flacco and make Romo play his way into a great contract is the way to go. Jerry will end up blowing a pile of dough on a guy with weak character and a streaky arm. Hurray for 8 and 8.

good hair, good chin

"The Big Mac of Love" and Randy Galloway. It goes together like PP&J. Love it boys. Keep up the good work.

Winston Null

I have been saying this for months. I like Romo, have defended him, horribly difficult at times too. There comes a time when you have to produce no matter the odds or reasons to fail and in every big moment he has not. he only has about one more year the fan base will tolerate him so let him play it out and see what happens. he throws 35 td's and puts us in the 2nd round or NFC championship then negotiate. Pony up Romo

Jay from Arlington

Great bit. And you have never been more right on about Romo. The guy is a good quarterback but he ain't a winner. He is a whiner. Giving him tons of big money this year is a total mistake. Make him earn it. Flacco him.

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