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Video: Galloway & Big Mac starting to get stupid over Cowboys



dan simon

Cowboys can 'afford' to sign Terrel Owens and Chad Ochocinco. The guys will sell tickets, can still play, want to play, and will play for next to nothing. Sign them. And Jerry loves prima donna wide recievers.

David Cart in Dallas

Here is the answer to all of the Cowboys draft & salary cap problems... two words; "RYAN MALLETT"

We could dump Romo, maybe unload some contracts/talentless on the Patriots and sign a guy that would cost nothing and is the next big deal at qb in The League.... oh, and replace Tony Romo. Romo sucks.

Sign Ryan Mallett your 4 biggest problems are taken care of...
1) Salary Cap
2) Put pressure on Romo to preform
3) Sign a hot young talented QB
4) Excite/Re-invigerate the fan base

Done and Done.


your co-commentator is exactly correct. time to develope another quarterback. if romo doesn't get a new deal this year, we will need somebody in the wings if we have to let Romo go. we need a new qb.


it is a mystery how an average team like the cowobys could be up against a wall with the salary cap. we don't even have that many big time play makers. we should spend less. this team ain't worth it.

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