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Video: Galloway & Big Mac wonder why the Rangers would mess with Nolan





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Janeen Galloway

I think the Big Mac of Love is hot.

nuclear bomb in arlington

You have done some great segments. This one was great. Hearing Randy Galloway saying on camera that Nolan Ryan will be gone by opening day is simply stunning. It's one thing to read it but it's another to hear a long time local writer say it on camera. Simply amazing. Simply amazing. I hope he is not right.

The Nolan Ryan Express

Nolan Ryan having the legs cut out from beneath him is a joke. He should leave. And I hope the Rangers go into a tail spin for years. Nolan IS the Texas Rangers. He is amazing. Boo for ownership for pulling this crap.

PR Disaster

Jon Daniels is going to use the classic sport catch phrase "Nolan Ryan is leaving TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH HIS FAMILY!!!" ...what a joke

the odd couple

Why don't you do radio??? Start anywhere; just get on the air. You are funny. I started watching thse things sometime ago and you are funny.

Caleb T.

Galloway is correct. The Nolan Ryan Express is leaving the station. It's a damn shame. He has been great for the Rangers and baseball. I hope he goes some where he is appreciated and makes them a winner like he did in Texas.

Mitch D. in Irvington

Chicks dig Galloway. I think part of his charm is that he was there when they invented fire.

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