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Walking Dead feeling like Walking Done

La-et-st-walking-dead-recap-20130324-001Thankfully we are one episode away from the "explosive", "life changing" and "most important TV event ever" when the third season of The Walking Dead ends.

Thank. God.

As much fun as this show is, this season has been a beating. This third season is like one of those long drives where you simply can't wait to get out of the car; only as the viewer this long drive better include an interesting destination and not Kokomo, Indiana (I've been there, trust me).

Sunday night's episode, Sgt. Rick Grimes agreed to hand over Michonne to The Governor in return for peace. Only Sgt. Rick backed out, but by the time he changed his mind Merle Dixon had grabbed Michonne with the idea that he would make the deal.

Only Merle backed out, let Michonne go and then staged his own personal war against the protectors of Woodbury. Needless to say, things did not go well for Mr. Merle.

Now we are at the point that this show should have arrived about six weeks ago - The Gov takes on Sgt. Rick. We think. Or it must. While this show has surprised viewers by killing off important players (Lori Grimes, Shane Walsh, etc.) it's not going to kill Sgt. Rick.

This show has successfully explored some fun storylines anchored around what would people do when life is truly survival of the fittest without having to worry about social norms. This season did that, only it went too far.

The show has built a loyal stock of viewers, but given the amount of quality programming that exists these days people will check out (see The Killing) unless there is a reason to stay tuned.

Another season like this and there won't be.


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You have no clue what you are babbling about.
The show is suspenseful and entertaining. What do you consider quality program? Stupid shows like the one with honey boo boo? Your opinion matters very little to the people that follow the walking dead.


I wholeheartedly agree with the author.

@Joann : Have you even WATCHED this season? I'm a huge fan of the Walking Dead. The show started off as an incredible commentary on humanity, and when we stop being human (granted, a theme that hasn't entirely fled this season, as the last few episodes have very slowly been bringing things back around that way), but on the whole this season has been ridiculously predictable and downright boring. You can sit in front of the screen and just recite what's going to come next following standard cut and paste tv show rules. The only truly surprising thing about this season is that they've managed to spread so little real content and action into a full season.

Jack Smithback

The author of the article is dead on, and I've been watching since day one.


I totally agree with Mc Engel. The Walking Dead sucks more every season. Thank god we have "Game Of Thrones!!!!

Joe M.

There was a bit of a drop-off this season compared to S1 and S2, but to bash it like this? Really? Were you watching the same series I was?

The ONLY major complaint I had was too much Andrea and her incessant whining.


Really? You predicted Lori's death? That her baby would survive? That Rick would go a little nuts? That Merle would not only return, but capture Glen and Maggie? The Michonne would wound but not kill the Governor? That Andrea would sleep with the Governor? If so, you're a freaking genius. Why don't you write for TV? Oh, yeah. It's because your some hack newspaper critic. This isn't criticism; it's fanboy nonsense that rates far below what one would read on any of a dozen scifi/comic message boards. There's nothing that's more boring than critics who criticize based on their own preconceived notion of how they think a show should have been plotted/written. Certainly, this season has not been perfect. If one wanted to make the point that the pacing and characterization has been uneven, I'll listen to that. Predictable? In the sense that we all knew from Day One (Season 3) that the finale was going to be Rick's group vs. Woodbury, yes. But tell me you foresaw Rick offering up Michonne and Merle's last-minute heroics and I'll laugh in your face. If there's anything that's predictable, it's the "bitter critic" routine. That one's been done to death, if you'll pardon the pun.


Really? You think this season is dragging? What about last season? It took them all season long to get through a week. Last season was the WORST, most boring season in the existence of TWD. This season is one of the most active, since the first. I have a long standing joke with my fellow Walking Dead fans: "In this episode, nothing happens". The only problem is: Nothing happens, and it's still good. I do wish they picked up the pace a bit. They could have gotten to this point in about 3 episodes.

If you have read the books, you will already know what happens. With the exception of a few TV only character, it's pretty spot on. Sophia is still alive at this point in the books as well.


I agree 100%! I couldn't get enough of Season 1 and 2. However, Season 3 has been more of a chore every Sunday night. I'm over it. Now that killing the "Walkers" is routine, they're going to need a new type of super zombie or maybe E.T. to keep it interesting. This business with the Woodbury so very very stale.

Also Rick's horrible decision making and craziness and then course corrections are getting equally insufferable.

Walking Dead writers you are loosing me! Indeed, G.O.T. couldn't start again at a better time! I'm ready to trade "Walkers" for "White Walkers"!


This season was boring, for the most part. I still enjoyed watching and look forward to it every week. The author was blunt but not completely wrong. I think everyone was just watching, waiting for something to happen. But how can you go wrong with a zombie apocalypse? Something crazy is bound to happen...

I hate 'sports' writers

You are the dumbest guy ever. I hate this show and you.


I personally don't agree with it being boring or struggling, or any of that nonsense that TWD is losing its quality. The "story" and "lack of action" parts people keep calling boring are what TWD is about. It's not meant to just be all action all the time 24/7! It's ABOUT the story, it's focus is on the story of the survivors, the part we don't get to see in zombie movies. The real parts, where they're not just zombie war heroes but they are legitimately trying to survive. For those who love zombie hack n slash and action, this probably isn't a long term fun story for you. Even in the comics it's main focus is story development with a dash of zombie war.

I don't agree with the season or this up coming episode being predictable either. Certain things yes, like Andrea being unable to kill the gov when she had the chance, but that's because of her personal development in the show. I am too, reading the comics and the only thing they make predictable is that this last episode is going to have a lot of death in it. Maybe significant deaths- but as for who it's hard to say. The groups are quite different in the show than the comics... They don't even have some people on the right side. It's gonna be interesting... But really, if it's so boring... Quit watching.

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