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Walking Dead now features man v. man

220px-Rick_GrimesIt does appear as if things are going go down in the greater Atlanta area, and it's no longer Man vs. Zombies.

On the Walking Dead, it's now man vs. man in a brutal battle of egos, turf, and the right to kill zombies the right way.

In the latest episode, Sgt. Rick Grimes and The Governor sit down to talk out their differences. By the end The Governor says it's all good provided Grimes makes the sword-swinging Michonne (Danai Gurira) available, so he can turn her into a zombie. The Gov hasn't gotten over the fact Michonne removed his left eye. People tend not to forget such things.

The proposal is simple: Michonne, and no war.
No Michonne, and it's on.

Grimes returns to his merry gang of willing prisoners and tells them it's on with no mention of the proposal. That's what we call leadership. He is, however, seriously debating whether or not to proceed with a fight, or give up Michonne when he knows The Governor is a power hungry loon who will try to wipe them all out regardless.

With only three episodes left in this third season the show is obviously going to draw an impending battle out a little bit further, but the character study between the two respective leaders is interesting, even if it is a tad far fetched.

On one side is The Governor, a damaged megalomaniac who disguises his many failings by keeping things normal looking in his little society.

The other is Grimes, a damaged reluctant leader who people follow because in his former life he wore a badge.

Bet on Grimes winning via a nasty blow to The Governor's head.

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