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Year 1 of TCU under Trent Johnson - be patient

14ZKQy.St.58FORT WORTH, Texas - How TCU won two basketball games in the Big 12 may be the greatest achievement of any TCU team in this first season of this new conference. No athletic program at TCU was more poorly equipped for this promotion than men's basketball, and that is no slam against head coach Trent Johnson or his players.

TCU's upset win against Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon was a nice way to send off a senior class and a team that was over-matched from the start of this season.

The Frogs had two players who would have been recruited by other Big 12 teams - point guard Kyan Anderson and forward Amric Fields. The rest were recruited to be Mountain West players. And Fields was lost for the season when he blew out his ACL in the third game. 

There are encouraging signs: Johnson knows what he is doing; despite every reason, his team never quit on him; he is not going to employ this "grind it out" style forever; Fields is expected back; players are coming; Anderson is one of the better point guards in the Big 12, and he has two years left.

"It's been about what I expected, with the exception of the injuries" Johnson said in a recent phone interview. "I can't talk about (this season) without talking about that. It put pressure on the seniors to be in certain rolls, and to apply pressure more than their skill level or talent."

9JuKn.St.58I offered Johnson my theory on the first season of college basketball coaches - the first year is more about the third year.
Year 1 Coach plays who he has, and the transition is ugly.
Year 2 Coach plays the young people he wants and there looks to be some direction.
Year 3 Coach has his group for two years, and that's when you know if it can work.

"That's your asseessment," he said. "I hate the rebuilding tag. We're going to get it done. We just are. You've seen it in college basketball - you get the right two guys, as long as they can play."

TCU basketball is one of the hardest jobs in high major basketball. The interest level is minimal, and the tradition is non-existent. If this has any shot of working, Johnson is going to need some patience on the part of the administration.

He landed a solid recruiting class - F Brandon Parrish, C Karviar Shepherd, G Michael Williams - and expect that he is going to find a few others to come in next season. If he can find one or two decent transfers, next season should be better.

And he already beat Kansas.

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new coached needed asap

Please fire this guy now. Please. There is no future with this guy. Please, fire him now.

Joe Carroll in Fort Worth

A winning TCU basketball season is a lot to ask of here in Fort Worth. I don't see us getting rid of our current coach nor do I think even if we did out him we would be in a much better place. If we are going to make our TCU basketball team into a winner it will dedication, committment, and one or two great recruits. One or two great players could turn all of this around.

On a very positive note, getting a ticket to a men's basketball game here in Fort Worth is really easy. Even if we aren't winning; that is something positive.


You can write anything positive about TCU without a Texas Tech troll commenting. Hey *new coach needed asap* you do need a coach don't you?

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