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A massive, but expected, blow for Longhorns basketball

201203082158790966222-p2The garbage season that was in Austin for University of Texas men's basketball coach Rick Barnes continued on Friday as his best player announced he was leaving.

But unlike leading scorer Sheldon McClellan, who plans to transfer, point guard Myck Kabongo will go to the NBA.

According to UT, Kabongo will skip his final two years in Austin in hopes of being drafted. Hmm ... wonder if he's earned his degree?

Not a good move. With approximately 4,342 early entries into this draft class, Kabongo is going to need to score major marks in the pre-draft class and individual workouts to move up.

Right now doesn't even have Kabongo being drafted. 
But has Kabongo going in the second round.

He is a pure point guard who knows how to run an offense, push the ball and put guys in the right spot. He also has one maaaaajor flaw - he is generously listed as 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. If he is 6-1 that means I am 7-foot-8.

This season, he was limited to just 11 games because to serve an NCAA suspension for some stupid violation that exists only in the selective integrity world of the NCAA. But in the 11 games he did play, he averaged 14.6 points and 5.5 assists.

He is going to need to improve his shot - he made just 8 of 27 3 pointers - and at some point he will have to learn to create his own offense to survive in the NBA.

No one questions his ability to play or create for others, but standing maybe 6-1 he will have to make some major improvements for this decision to pay off the way he hopes.

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