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Canelo good but not ready for Fraud Mayweather

152066521.0_standard_352.0Props to Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout for not only agreeing to fight each other in front of 40,000 at the Alamodome on Saturday night, but for putting on a solid show. This was a good night for boxing.

Alvarez scored a unanimous decision against a game Trout, but neither of these guys is ready for Fraud Mayweather. It looks as if Mayweather will finish the prime of his career without fighting a fighter capable of beating him.

Immediately after the fight, Canelo said he'd like to face Mayweather. He should say that. That's an enormous payday. But at this stage in his career, he is too green to defeat Mayweather. If Canelo were about three years older and had a few more of these types of fights to draw from, he would be able to win such a bout. 

A Canelo v. Mayweather fight would generate big interest because the 22-year-old Mexican is talented, and can land some major punches. Fraud hasn't been punched hard in years.

At this stage, however, Canelo's timing is off to actually defeat Mayweather. His conditioning isn't quite there, and he leaves himself wide open to counter attack. By the time he would be ready to win this type of fight Money (36) will be washed up.

Floyd-mayweather-jrAgainst Trout, Canelo at times looked dominant as he landed a handful of memorable punches against a taller, quicker opponent. At the start of the seventh round, Alvarez knocked down Trout with a solid right to the head. It was the first time in Trout's career he was knocked down.

Canelo did a nice job of ducking Trout's many jabs, but he left himself too vulnerable on a series of big swings. He got away with it against Trout, not to mention conditioning that appeared to wane in the latter rounds. It's doubtful he would be so fortunate against Mayweather.

Trout actually did much better than the final scores indicated; if he landed one or two big shots this outcome could have been much different. He deserves to be heard from again.

Mayweather will fight Robert Guerrero in early May, and has said he will fight one more time in 2013. After Saturday's result in San Antonio, people are going to push Mayweather to fight Canelo.

Since Mayweather will never fight Manny Pacquiao, he may as well try Canelo. Mayweather only likes to fight guys he knows he can beat, and despite the fact Canelo could land a few big shots on Money he is not ready to beat him.

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Stop.Just stop. I assume you know more about the sport than you let on but saying the type of things you say you sound like one of these haters for hating sake. Do you really think the champ is a fraud? as oppossed to who? Hasnt been hit hard in years? im sure Teddy Atlas would say you blind.


Lmao fraud yeah let's take a look at this frauds credentials!
1. Undefeated 17yrs straight!
2. Has fought 9 consecutive champions at their real weight(no catch weight). Floyd only fights CHAMPIONS not BUMS!
3. Allows opponents to land the fewest punches in boxing history!
4. Lands the highest percent of punches in boxing!
5. Never been knocked down in ANY fight throughout his career!
6. Highest paid athlete in sports not just boxing!
7. P4P best boxer of this generation complete domination!
8. Boxing at its highest degree!
9. Manny Paquiao is the only fighter he has not fought worth fighting and he has not won a fight since 2011 and has been knocked out cold and lost TWICE back to back and THREE straight if Marquez would not have been robbed!
10. The entire phillipino boxing so called fan base is the worst in the history of boxing! Too ignorant to recognize greatness when they see it yet take the time to watch,google,YouTube and comment on everything FLOYD does! That is why your fighters continue to loose its because you all are racist dumb and ignorant! Here is a little secret that you all are to dumb to realize YOU ARE MAYWEATHER fans TOO! You watch you write about him talk about him YouTube him google him guess what thats everything a FAN does and you can't do more than that! PACQUIAO IS GREAT BUT FLOYD IS GREATER. HIM GETTING KNOCKED OUT IS PROOF OF THAT LOL Y'ALL ARE IN FANTASY TRY REALITY AND DO WHAT FANS DO KEEP WRITING ABOUT FLOYD WE LOVE IT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HE WILL KEEP WINNING LOL,

Gregory Hogan

I wanted to ask you a question? what?

you mentioned that Mayweather, Mayweather will finish his career not fighting a fighter capable of beating him?

Please, name one fighter between 140-154 capable of beating Mayweather?

He's fighting the best between 140-154?

Jiminez Fernando Julius

Have ever even watched boxing????




This article is a big waist of time.


I disagree. Cotto could not hurt trout. Yet he battered mayweather . Floyd admitted it was the toughest fight of his career, his own words. Canelo can not beat floyd because he gasses(Achilles heel). He is skillfull and powerful enough but can't keep it going for twelve rounds. BIG PROBLEM. Mayweather doesnt engage stronger fighters, his style is boring


It amazes me the sheer stupidity and gullibility of so called boxing aficionados.

Mayweather has fought champs, 5 of the guys Pac fought, 4 of them before Pac and at their weights. All people say, they were washed up. Forgetting that Pac fought the same guys after and was praised as a risk taker.

Mayweather didn't fight Margarito, but handily beat the man that smashed him in Mosely.

It's noted that Mayweather called out, Cotto, Hatton, Mosely, and was told no.

What I don't understand is how anyone who claims to be a fan of the sport can look at the facts and claim he's a fraud (who'd he fraud? how was this fraud achieved?) a runner/boring fighter(Mayweather is in a square with ropes, that he cannot exit as though its wrestling. Running is not an option. Boring, he's a black belt at this craft. Hit and not be hit, want to see a smash out, the UFC and the like provide plenty of that, this is boxing. And since Chop Chop Mayweather has fought in the pocket, center of the ring and off the ropes. Standing and exchanging. He moves, yes. Runs, please.)He's a ducker, this one is the most laughable. Because you can make up a Mythical ducking list for EVERY fighter. Doesn't mean it's real.

Now here's the double standard and hypocrisy. Mayweather is called Fraud because he won't fight Martinez (185+ LBS), Canelo (173+ LBS) and GGG (185+ LBS) yet the man every part time fan says will destroy Mayweather isn't held to the same standard? Why is it that Pacquiao doesn't need to fight the aforementioned? oh right he's to small. I say bull, if it's good for one, its good for the other! Pac made the weight before (154) and he should be called on to fight these same fighters. Anyone who disagrees should stop talking about the sport of boxing. Period.


I dont completely agree with this guy because floyd dosn't nearly stay as busy as trout does and canelo has great foot work and head movement, he also has the same "pest punch" as floyd which is the straight right.Alvarez has a good chance to beat floyd but the taller tout, with that great jab and fighting in a south paw stance, he could beat floyd if given the oppurtunity but he just needs to avoid that straight right which found its mark all night against Alarez


Canelo will beat mayweather no doubt but maywheater is a cherry picker he will b scare to fight him the only way he can bet canelo is with a sucker punch and his good at that he cant go toe to toe with a real Mexican he will get his lil ass beat he only gets fighters with no hunger of a win lilke canelo


Floyd will continue to duck Canelo, Pacquiao, Martinez & GGG because he is protecting his legacy.
When his career is over he will be remembered for who he didn't fight rather than for his victories.


Floyd will fight either Devon Alexander or Danny Garcia in September - once again protecting his unbeaten record & legacy.

lavonne, hudson

The only thing i will say is that canelo is good but mayweather is GOD gifted!, the truth is that canelo isnt ready period! I say this as a fan of the young mexican fighter but mayweather is just to much for him at this moment in time. I agree with many in that floyd isnt treated fairly in the pac man debate there is a double standard going on at the highest level. No one will ever explain why manny simply wouldnt take the test as everyone else did and when he says that he agreed fully to take the test he is lying through his teeth! there was always a limit to how close to the fight that he would take it and thats the facts period. I truly believe that he is looking as he should have been looking in his earlier fights because mayweather blew the whistle on him and others and, i say good for boxing! the gig is up and now even danny garcia is asking that all his oponents be tested so the days of doping are coming to a end!


I give canelo credit he looked good as a boxer last night but beet trout most would have never heard of trout it wasn't for the cotto fight. He had know footwork slow hand speed and no power. So do even say canelo would beat mayweather. mayweather is the best counter puncher and he has fast hands so he will be able to hit canelo at will and use his feet to move. plus mayweather can fight at 140 if he want to he choose to fight at 147. the most he will put on the night of the fight 3 pound and he will be 150 the night of the fight. canelo easily add's 20 extra pounds the night of the making him 170+. A hugh weight advantage. he better off fighting Sergio thats what we should want sergio vs canelo. Every year yall gone find a fighter to compare mayweather to first pacman now yall gave up on him now canelo. That weight difference is alot in boxing

Jessica Lynn

I like your blog and I think you are right sometimes but I just don't think you get boxing.

Mark Escamilla

i am not a fighter but i can hold my own ive seen so many fighters come and go but one thing that i have always been able to do is recognize talent it is something that your born with it is not something that just happens and that is why there are many peaple that are so ignorant they cannot recognize a champion fighter like floyd mayweather jr. i will definately tell you all i love to see canelo alvarez fight ive seen almost all his fights canelo is a very powerful and dangerous beast and if floyd mayweather jr. at the age of 36 gives this young canelo best shape of his life an opportunity i can recognize that if floyd mayweather is victorious over canelo alvarez he has nothing else to proove but retire as a true undefeated champion no more questions asked thank you floyd mayweather jr. for all the hype .

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