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Coming up: The director of 42 talks Jackie Robinson & Harrison Ford

A996f__the-story-of-jackie-robinson-told-through-42-0-620x412With a resume of interviews that has included everyone from Jane Fonda, to Sugar Ray Leonard and some girl who was a contenstant from one of those cooking shows where people yell at each other, The Big Mac Blog is rivaling Barbara Walters.

It prompted Quilters for Women over 85 Magazine to note: "With a host of impressive interviews, The Big Mac Blog is a must read, if you know how to use a computer, don't die too soon and don't mind half-witted and moronic writing."

New to the list: Mr. Brian Helgeland is the writer/director of the eagerly ancitipated new movie 42 - a new bio about the late Jackie Robinson.

Helgeland's credits include writing The Green Zone, Man on Fire, Payback, and directing The Order and A Knight's Tale.

42 will be in theaters later this month, and look for this interview with Helgeland soon.


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