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Cowboys 1st rounder does have an awesome beard

2540161Not that there was ever much doubt, but if there was EVER a thought that someone in the Dallas Cowboys' draft room had any bigger voice than Jerry Jones it was once again erased on Thursday night.

With a load of needs staring them in the face, the Cowboys once again proved to be the smartest guy in the room and traded out of their 18th overall pick to acquire the third rounder by the San Francisco 49ers as well as their first rounder.

With the pick the Cowboys selected Wisconsin center Travis Frederick. If he's not the starting center in Week 1 something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. The Cowboys need a center, and this guy has an awesome beard. It's like a cross between that giant mess that Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman of the Dallas Mavericks.

Since Jerry learned the draft trade under Jimmy Johnson, who believed in acquiring as many picks as possible, Jerry loves to trade down to land more players. But if those players can't play, what's the point? 

20130102_kkt_al2_297.0_standard_352.0The Cowboys thought that this draft was not loaded with any hall of famers, but a lot of quality players; that there was not a lot of difference between their 18th pick and a potential third rounder. They better be right on that assessment.

This will make you feel better: reporter Albert Breer's Tweeted after the 1st round: "Text from one AFC personnel man when I told him the Cowboys took Frederick: "Yuck".

This figures not to be a terrible pick but a bit of a head scratcher as there were better players ahead of him at 18 the Cowboys passed on to obtain the 49ers' third round selection.

Frederick should at least make the interior of the line better, because that area was just such a weakness last season. Frederick better be a player, and the Cowboys must find a quality player with the 49ers' pick in the third round to justify this deal.

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gary r @ arlington

This guy might pan out but who cares. If the NFL doesn't continue to take care of Jerry and give him the weakest out of confrence schedule there is, then we still don't make it to the post season. I love our Cowboys but we paid Tony Romo enough to make me want to yak. Who cares about this kid. Jerry is clueless.

Bill Carrell

These Wisconsin Farm Boys have been proven time and time again to be strong tough and durable, maybe they don't jump as high, or fly down the field(how often does that really happen) but they will smash you in the face and push the pile back 4 feet when you desperately need that short 1st down, i say Jerry was pretty prudent and I'll bet that he rest of the room was with him, the next two rounds matter most anyway, they are the ones we need to stick around for years to come, unlike 2008,2009,2010. I'm happy, lets watch to see how they do today

Jerry in Oconomowoc

If a 'beard war' breaks out, we will be well represented.


he isn't great but he won't be a flop either. i'm just glad we didn't totally blow it on the draft day. let's pray romo and his big fat contract can get it done for us

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