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Dallas Stars exploring a move

Frisco_PartiesDALLAS, Texas - So maybe that headline is a cheap way to entice readers but this is a competitive world we live in, people. I can't just write, "Dallas Stars exploring practice facility" because that's boring, even if it is the truth.

According to Dallas Stars team president Jim Lites, the team is exploring relocating its practice facility and team headquarters from Frisco to the city of Dallas. Lites said the Dallas mayor has been responsive to this idea.

On behalf of every member of the FW/d media who wants to or needs to cover this team, I say hallelujah! The Stars should never, and I mean NEVER, have relocated from Irving all the way out to the eastern suburb of Washington D.C. known as Frisco in 2002. 

"It's not going to be any time soon, but we're considering it," Lites told ME. "It's not like we don't like our facility here. We do like where we are, but we'd like to be in downtown Dallas to do business there."

Lites said a new building with a practice rink would cost anywhere from $10 - $12 million. 

When the team made this move in the summer of 2002 it basically gave the green light for the vast majority of the media in this town to never head to Frisco. Before, the Stars could easily piggy back with the Dallas Cowboys as the two facilities were roughly 30 seconds apart.

The Stars enjoyed more coverage as a result. Now the team can't win, their facility is too far away, and  fewer eyeballs see them on their local news.

Putting the team's headquarters in downtown Dallas would be a positive step in helping this team increase its visibility.


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Perfect spot would be where reunion arena use to be. Plenty of visibility there, plus its in some way symbolic and nostalgic. Some of our franchises best years were played there.

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