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Danny Amendola's dad is suing the Cowboys for the wrong thing

Article-2075743-0F37BB8900000578-796_634x355What was a joke at the time is now no laughing matter. Not unless you think a $1 million lawsuit is funny.

According to this report by the San Antonio Express News, Danny Amendola's dad is suing Cowboys Stadium for an injury that occurred in 2011.

Where is Kenny Rogers when you need him? 

You may recall that Amendola's dad was the head coach at Spring Dekaney in 2011; after the Class 5A state title game, Amendola was hit by a runaway golf cart in the middle of Cowboys Stadium. At the time, Amendola got up after he was hit and laughed about the incident with the reporters on the field.

Here we are in 2013, and apparently this is now a nightmare. 

According to this lawsuit, Amendola suffered mental anguish, loss of earning capacity and loss of enjoyment.

Loss of enjoyment? The Dallas Cowboys have caused a loss of enjoyment for more than a decade and no one has filed suit.

The lawsuit against the Cowboys by Amendola that should have been filed was for never really giving his son much of a chance in 2008 or '09. Remember when Amendola was a practice squad player with the team who never saw the field? 

Today, provided he can remember his name after the hard hits he has absorbed as a slot receiver, he is one of the best tiny receivers in the game. He recently signed a deal to replace Wes Welker as Tom Brady's favorite target with the New England Patriots.

Here is the video of the golfcart from hell.




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