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Meet the guy who can beat Fraud Mayweather

Canelo76With the prospects of a Manny Pacquiao v. Floyd "Money" Mayweather just about as good as a Beatles reunion, the sport of boxing has moved on to trying to find the next guy who may be able to defeat Fraud.

Give me the Pride of Mexico, Mr. Canelo Alvarez.

This is boxing's best chance to upset Mayweather. He's 22, talented, and hungry. He hasn't won enough money to get fat just yet.

If Mayweather is smart, and he is, bet big money he ducks Canelo if he wins his next fight, which is a big one - Sat. April 20 vs. Austin Trout - at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The fight will be televised by Showtime, and has the makings of a major, fun fight that will unify the WBA and WBC Super Welterweight belts. What boxing really needs are more belts.

(Fun factoid: It was 20 years ago at the Alamodome when Julio Cesar Chavez fought Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker. A loooooot of people thought Whitaker won, but was robbed in a "majority draw" after 12 rounds.)

C0aK-Se7Iz6mIf you don't think the massively pro-Chavez crowd influenced those judges that night then you need to indulge the masses about meeting the Easter Bunny. Just expect Canelo to enjoy a similar support system.

"The crowd can't do anything but cheer for him," Trout said today on a media conference call with Canelo and De La Hoya. "If they don't have anything to cheer for then they won't be able to cheer."

Moving on ...

Canelo is 41-0 with 30 knockouts.
Trout is 26-0 with 14 knockouts.

The first thing people want to know is if will the winner of this fight be matched up against Mayweather in the second of his two scheduled fights in 2013. 

Canelo didn't bite. He says his focus is Trout, and that's it. A wise move. Trout can beat him.

"He's a world champion, very difficult style, strong southpaw," Canelo said. "But this also gave me the motivation to go on and fight one of the best and we consider him as one of the best out there. ... The key is not to be desperate."

Give these fighters credit - they are promoting the hell out of this and appear to respect not only their sport but their predecessors and the need to sell boxing hard by giving the masses quality mathchups and not prop bet evenings.

"I would love to bring it back to the golden age where the best fought the best," Trout said.

The best fight the best? How novel.

That means Fraud needs to fight someone who can kick his butt and not just some guy grateful to get a big check.

That guy is Canelo.

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This article proves one thing. The author has the brain capacity of a monkey. How do you call Mayweather a fraud and praise Canello. Who has Canello beat again? There is a reason Canello isn't a PPV draw. He's not proven. I guess since Canello's promoter is the golden boy, you feel the need promote another fighter that hasn't won a big fight. Learn boxing before you write about it. While you're writing about ducking, write about how Canello didn't call out Sergio & Sergio didn't call out Andre Ward or Dirrel. Everyone wants a piece of the cash cow. But you have to earn your stripes. We don't need another promoter using Mayweather's name to build his fighter like Arum did with Pacquio. Is Pacman awake yet? You have the be the boss to call the shots. Maybe Canello needs to drop DLH like Mayweather dropped Bob Arum to call his shots.


Post that clown.


Great read! Time is revealing Fraud for what he is, a woman-beating, coward.


I agree with CJ. This article was bias from the start. Who the fk is "Fraud"? When you are on top it's normal for people to take shots at you. Plus if you appear to be arrogant people have more ammo to shoot back at you. I don't Mayweather gives a $hit. The man has millions. Let's see if Canelo is a fraud after April 20.

MAYweather FAn

LOLLLLL its just ssoooo funny how people hate MAYWEATHER why oh why... HMMM ITS CAUSE U JEALOUS PATHETIC PEOPLE... FRAUD HE AINT NO FRAUD BUT A CLEVER STYLISH GOOD AT HIS GAME MAYWEATHER THE MONEY MAN... All you that hate is becuase you cant be him EVER... yeh yeh yeh i know he aint no saint so which one of you are.. DUMBASSES


Writer is salty as hell lol.


Actually Floyd is already ducking Canelo. Since Canelo has such a major Latino following Floyd has had him on his undercard to help boost his PPV sales. Floyd had originally planned on having Canelo fight Austin Trout on his upcoming May 4 fight versus Robert Guerrero. Canelo let Floyd that was the plan IF Floyd would sign a contract stipulating they would fight each other in September (assuming they both win). Floyd wouldn't sign anything but gave his "verbal agreement".
Yet another instance of Floyd ducking someone else. Great fighters fight & don't make excuses.
Check out Gennady Golovkin for another fighter who has called out.

The Truth

Steve-O seriously,

so a man fighting an upcoming bout on May 4 has to sit an negotiate the details of a September bout because a prima dona is dying for the spotlight and attention?
What was Mayweather's response? I am focused on the fight ahead of me, I can't overlook my opponent. Some how that's ducking? You guys grasp at anything to blindly hate on the Man who currently sits on the thrown. Like it or not Canelo doesn't call the shots. IF Canelo wins and Mayweather agrees to fight him, it'll be he's too green, he only had one competitive fight, Mayweather cherry picked. Attention span of turnips I tell ya, you idiots like this article writer be!


Truth -
You can go to boxing page & read the article for yourself. If Floyd is so good why does he keep ducking the matchups the boxing world wants to see?
Max Kellerman called him an idiot for turning down $40 million to fight Manny, a fight he would have in all liklihood won.
That's Ok, just protect your fading legacy Floyd. Imagine how dull the 80s would have been if Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns & Roberto Duran would have done the same.

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