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NFL really wants the Cowboys in the playoffs

66ca616c748597f9a8b6d7bf54b0b73dShort of doing the drafting and making key personnel decisions, the NFL is doing everything it can to ensure its highest profile franchise will reach the postseason.

The NFL released its 2013 schedule, and this is just about as good as it can possibly get:

* Open regular season at home
* Close regular season at home
* The back to back road games in consecutive weeks are at Philly and at Detroit.
* Of their eight road games, two are absolute dogs - Kansas City and San Diego.
* The bye comes in Week 11. Week 8 is ideal but 11 beats Week 4.
* The Raiders on Thanksgiving, which means this game is already counted as a win. 

A bit of an oddity is that seven of their games, at least right now, are scheduled for noon kickoffs.
Not unusual is that NBC has asked for the Cowboys to be the Sunday night game of the week three times - v. Giants, v. Redskins and at Saints.

The way this schedule is set up the team could be 3-1 or 4-0 before it hosts Denver on Oct. 6. This means the Cowboys will be 2-2.

Are you ready for some heartache?!

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romo hater

your optimisim is on par with mine and your wit is dry and hilarious; like mine

cheers to the nfl for trying to get the cowboys to the post season. i pray this team with tony romo at the helm only sniffs at the playoffs

we suck


As a lifelong Texas resident, my childhood centered on watching Sunday afternoon Cowboys games with my dad. But every year Jerry refuses to get out of the franchise's way out of stubborn insistence that he receive credit for the team's success, I find it harder and harder to root for the Cowboys. Well Jerry, here's your credit you've been longing - you're the sole reason I've stopped caring about the Cowboys!

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